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You Just Gotta Hang In There........

You know how many picnic areas there are coming up from San Angelo

Digging yet more tools out of the Suburban for attempted generator repair

to North Texas?  I got a pretty good idea anyhow  because I stopped at most of ’em as we wound our way back to the jobsite Monday afternoon.  Up through Ballinger and Clyde; Breckenridge and Graham, I welcomed the respite compared to the mind numbing sameness of some of that West Texas interstate.

It was damned hot and we had no AC in the Old Girl without the generator.  The dash air and 2 12v fans in the driver’s area were just woefully inadequate in the face of the dreadful heat.   Miss K was a stoic soldier.  Tuco the Dog gave me the ‘WTF Dad?’ look over and over.  So I would drive awhile, mulling the problem around and pull over at the next picnic area to apply the latest and greatest solution.  No joy.

Somewhere east of Graham, in the glare of the hot afternoon, I managed to blister both knees through my Wranglers, kneeling on that hot asphalt.   Some time around noon, Miss K called the good folks filling in at our gate and told them there was a change of plans–if it was OK with them.  Instead of relieving them Tuesday AM, we wanted to roll in there Monday evening.  I had no intentions of trying to boondock Monday night as originally planned with no generator to assuage this surface of the sun heat.

I know James and his wife probably did not want to hear that.  I would have been displeased with such short notice as well.  Being the good folks that they are, they just did it.   I worked on the generator to within 50 miles of our destination and it finally just locked up.  Won’t even attempt to start.  It is either blowed up or the flywheel is hung up on the starter.  I was past caring by 4pm and it still sets there, taunting me in disrepair as I write this early on Wednesday.  All I wanted as we pulled into the gate was some 110v juice and some cold air.

Dual 30 amp female / 50 amp male adapter

I have written before about the modification to the Old Girl that allows me to use both rooftop air conditioners at the same time on an old style 30 amp coach.  Not an easy modification but it sure is worth it.   You gotta have 2 power feeds in to your recreational vehicle to make this work.  I have accomplished this in the past by plugging into a 30amp and just a regular 20amp house feed. It worked sorta kinda.   The best way to do it is with a Dual 30 amp RV Electrical Power Adapter .  You plug in the adapter to a 50amp source and it drops two 30 amp doglegs down for your use.  It sure does allow you to suck mucho electrons into your RV.   I wouldn’t be without one – intentionally that is.  I left our adapter hanging on the power pole at Terlingua.  Dumbass!  Miss K called down there and they retrieved it and promised to mail it ‘the next time they go to town.’  In the meantime, I am dealing with a snaky mess of wires and adapters that looks like the back of your grandmothers tv/vcr.   I had to school Miss K on the intricacies of the kludge… “If you want to run the lights, you unplug the black cord and plug in the red one.  If the breaker trips, you have to unplug the blue cord.    Earned me the re-occurring stinkeye; and I deserved it every bit.


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