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Fabric of Life - Tweet This.

Nah,  I don’t tweet or twitter.

I don’t have a smart phone.

There is a piece of clear tape over the cracked screen of my old Razr flip phone.  It works just peachy like that.  Thank you very much.

Billy Joe Shaver and Scott

I do have a blog though.  Damn right I can do this social networking stuff!   Somewhere along the way, in spite of my hermitly tendencies, I have managed to make some good friends through my blog/their blog/other people’s blog.  One of the best is my buddy Scott down Hill Country way.  I can’t remember how it all got started just exactly.  Maybe he was searching something about the old trailer he kept out at his deer lease or just maybe he replied to one of my ‘grab your wimmen and guns and head for the hills’ rants that happens here every so often.  Or maybe I left a comment on his blog.  I can’t recall and it really doesn’t matter anyhow.

Somewhere along the way a friendship happened.  He likes some of that good whiskey and a smokey bar  – just like me.   There were skeletons; closets full.  Ex-wives vying for a share of attention, hazy remembrances of road trips to places you wouldn’t tell your mother and a true love of good Texas music.  He also managed to raise a good kid along the way.  All just like me.

So I read his Fat Guy blog most every day.  Scott is way more honest to his convictions than I could ever hope to be and he expresses himself with the true clarity I strive for.    The jumble in my brain that looks like a pile of white coat hangers and struggles to get on the page fall from his brain to print with amazing alacrity that I truly admire.   He admits the foibles of everyman and will shamelessly post pictures of babes in bikinis just because it pleases him.  Always seemed like the right thing to do at the time, PC be damned.   So I would post a comment on his blog and he likewise. We emailed back and forth about NOT working for the man everyday and how that is the only way it could ever be. We talked about the option of just running away to the woods and being marginally responsible adults.

This week I learned the Scott has run into a problem.   In Scott fashion, he calls it The Dealio,  click the link because I just don’t have the want-to that I can recount it all here.   I am going to say that I am having some true problems applying karmic resolution to this situation.  Real down deep problems as a matter of fact.   Bad things should not happen to good people.   So do me the one small favor if you would,  Take just a moment to go to Scott’s blog and read up on what he has going on.  If you are the praying type, put in a good word.  If not,  send a good thought out to him.  A few coin would not hurt a damned bit if you can see your way clear to do that as well.

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