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Fabric of Life - A Lifelong Love

When we scheduled our recent break from oil field gate guarding here in North Texas I was hoping it was going to be a slow period.  You see, we work harder when multiple rigs are drilling or multiple frac crews are working.  When we work harder, we get paid more.  I did not want to miss any of that extra cash  — and we didn’t.   On our return, one H&P FlexRig had shown up and they are going to be here about 2 months punching 3 holes so everything is good.   It is nice to get a little break from the insane traffic we experienced for many weeks.  Miss K and I are going to enjoy it while it lasts.

With the reduced traffic, I get to sit inside more and take advantage of the air conditioning instead of sitting outside in record heat.  The TV is always on and usually muted so Miss K can sleep.  I don’t hear too good anyway so muted with the closed captions on keeps peace in the house.   Late last week,  I was working on the laptop and just sorta kinda aware of the TV in the background and I saw that Stevie Nicks was going to perform on Good Morning  America.  Stevie Nicks trumps Miss K’s sleep by just a skooshy bit (sorry baby– it is what it is);   I hoped she was doing some deep sleeping and just a teeny bit of volume wouldn’t wake her up.

Stevie Nicks - pre Fleetwood Mac ca. 1973

Stevie Nicks (wiki) was 63 years old last week when she took that GMA stage in NYC.   The voice, maybe not as strong after 40 years in the biz,  was still instantly identifiable.  What is it about music that can take such a hold on your soul?  As soon as she began to sing,  I was transported somewhere else.   I remember being in Newnan, GA in 1997 when Fleetwood Mac reunited to record The Dance. I made the kids watch it on TV with me. It knocked me down; it was that good. Cait would have been 10. I don’t know if it made the slightest impression on her but I remember it vividly. I remember 1977 in Dyersburg, TN. Vic, my best friend  and next door neighbor in the apartments rushed over to tell me he had just picked up a new LP and I had to listen to it. It was Fleetwood Mac – Rumours and I was blown away; completely. I wanted to know who the chick singing was and he showed me the pictures on the inside cover of the LP. Stevie Nicks — the hot chick. 35 years ago and I can still remember what the curtains on the window looked like.

I went on to steal Vic’s girlfriend Cheryl until her rich cotton farmer daddy decided my future prospects were decidedly beneath his precious daughter’s aspirations.  4 or 5 years later I was up north of D’burg on the 51 headed south when a carload of itinerants with bamboo fishing poles hanging out the rear windows of their Caprice ran a stop sign directly in my path.  I did some hot shit Nascar-type driving and managed to avoid a certain bloody mess that would have made the news that night in Memphis.   The local Police Chief was there in a matter of minutes, replete in well worn bib overalls with a pearl handled nickle plated .32 revolver sticking out

Stevie Nicks - first solo album 1981

of the chest pocket.  I got the immediate squint eye and the ‘how fast was you going boy?’  He was eying my jacked up Power Wagon with the big wheels and twice pipes pretty hard.  I was doing the mental arithmetic, trying to figure if a carload of local sharecroppers was going to trump a kid with long hair going 20 over.   Before I could even open my mouth a new Ford Country Squire Wagon whipped to a halt right in front of us both.   Looking worse by the minute for the visiting team, I was just hoping they wouldn’t feed me fried bologna for breakfast over at the jail.   There was a woman and a towheaded pre-k kid standing on the front seat beside her.  No car seats back then,  hell, seat belts had not even been around that long.  Common practice to let the kids stand up in the front seat and if you had to stop real quick, you just flung an arm across them.

Anyway, it was Cheryl in that car.  ‘Nice driving Mr. Jones.’  She always called me ‘Mr. Jones’; that girl did.   Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug.  You think little towhead went home and told socially acceptable Daddy that mama  kissed a hippie on the side of the road today? Turning to the Chief she said  ‘Dickie,  you let Mr. Jones get on his way.  I saw the whole thing and if it wasn’t for his extra good driving,  you would have hair, teeth and eyeballs all over this road right now.’  Chief Dickie said ‘Yes’m Miss Cheryl’.    With a wave over a shoulder, Cheryl left my life for good-again; so far.

Christ, sorry.  Where did that come from?  Back on track.

Stevie Nicks today

Is it just me or does music effect everyone this way?  I tried – and still try – to explain to Cait how and why it was different back then.  I was 14 years old in 1969 and music defined a generation.  Woodstock and Flower Children.  Santana and CSN&Y.  Bobby Kennedy and Nixon and an unpopular War.   Music was not just the fabric that wove all together, it went beyond.  It was the commonality of who we were.    Think about it there young ‘uns — if you couldn’t tweet or text or update your status on Facebook — what would define you?  I know Miss K, being a child of the ’80s loves her music even though they did wear tall shoes.  I just don’t know if music has the same grab on her it does me.

I have been listening to Stevie Nicks for the last 3 hours as this blog entry took shape. Her newest cd, In Your Dreams is absolutely as good as it gets.

Very Special End Note: Soldier’s Angel By Stevie Nicks from the new album In Your Dreams << Amazon Link

“As I look upon their faces
They make me remember my first love
And going out to dances
They make me remember Camelot
And being young
And taking chances
They make me fall in love again
They give me all the answers”

One day in 2005, Nicks spent seven hours visiting wounded soldiers at a hospital and, on her way out, an emergency crew rushed in another set of the wounded. “I went in a girl and came out a changed woman,” she told the audience.

The experience inspired her to write a poem that she had printed and handed out to soldiers for four years. In November of 2009, she was in London when seven British soldiers were killed in Iraq and media response in London was overwhelming; she wrote a four-page rant in her journal and eventually spent close to a year trying to turn the poem into a song. It never came to fruition.

“I have to call Lindsey,” she said, which led them to completing “Soldier’s Angel.” Buckingham joined Nicks for an acoustic rendering of the tune, with the occasional roll of drums, that became the emotional high point of the show.

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5 comments to Fabric of Life – A Lifelong Love

  • One thing you never hear about, when Stevie Nicks went to visit the wounded soldiers in the hospital, she brought a bag full of Ipods, loaded with all her music and gave one to each soldier. How come the media doesn’t report things like that?

    She is a beautiful person as well as a muscian. Great post, her music sends me, too.

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  • CJ

    I get it. I have vivid memories of Lindsey B. playing the snot out of his acoustic guitar and that driving rhythm behind “The Chain”. I remember The Dance played at full volume in our suburban 3 bedroom, Pops!

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  • It was about 1970 when I finished my first tour in the ‘Nam. I was stateside for a couple of weeks, and I took my little brother Bob to a concert that was supposed to be Deep Purple. Fleetwood Mac was the opening act, and Deep Purple was late. The crowd of idiots was getting rowdier and rowdier during Fleetwood’s songs. These idiots even started throwing cans and bottles at the band. Of course, they eventually had to stop playing when the bottles went past their heads, and one of the band members shot up a middle finger at the crowd, and they all left the stage. I don’t know if Deep Purple ever showed up, because I scooped up my brother and left.
    I remember thinking these so called hippies and peace lovers were so full of shit with the so called pursuit of peace that I lost all respect for them. I don’t think everyone was like that, anymore, but with my return from my second tour and the spit of these peace seekers on my uniform, the rage boiled over. It still bothers my heart when I think about the burgeoning new band called Fleetwood Mac.

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  • Thanks, Andy!
    A lift of the heart for me. Today is a good day!
    We are in Texas now, would like to visit you and yours. (If you like visits, that is).

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