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Rainy Days and Mondays

The unseasonably cold weather brought on the rain which was not a surprise. You don’t have to be a meteorologist to figure out what happens when a cold push of northern air meets the warm moist air coming out of the gulf. From Thursday until Saturday, we got over 3″ of slow soaking rain.

Needless to say, the excavation work ground to a halt. When I first started doing this work it amazed me how muddy a jobsite could become with just a little bit of moisture. One of our big crawler tractors disturbs established soil and moves it around and it is not as compacted as the original soil was. You really have to be careful!   I have sunk up past my knees in muddy ground where we had filled extensively.

I made the decision to make the 275 mile trip to home base  since it looked like work would not resume for several days. Pulling out after almost five straight weeks on the jobsite involved some preparation.  Maybe I should list my steps in preparing the motor home for an absence of a few days.

I clean up. Vacuum the floors, wash the dishes, straighten up. wipe the counters. Maybe it is just me but I hate to return to a messy motor home. Mind you, I am a bachelor and I don’t mind living in a little clutter but I sure like things neat and clean when I get back the the Fish Bus.

I clean out the refrigerator as much as possible. In this case, I knew we were going to get some rain so I made sure the milk and eggs, fruit and vegetables were consumed.

Empty the trash! If you don’t, it is either going to smell or draw ants before you get back.

Set the temperature — in this case I set the electric heater at 50 degrees and the Suburban furnace at 40 degrees.

Lock the sideboxes, lock the windows, draw the blinds.

Turn off the water! This may be the single most important thing to do. In this case, I am running off the onboard tanks so I just turned the pump off. if I was hooked to city water, I would turn the spigot off AND make sure the electric pump was off as well. I do not want a fitting or hose to rupture in my absence and flood the motor coach.

I fill the toilet half full of water. Sometimes that seal leaks a little in the bottom and I want the water to seal that opening and keep the stink where it belongs.

One last thing to do. I stay on site for security as much as convenience. We have plenty of expensive equipment

Water tank and Kawasaki Mule loaded up in the mud.

Water tank and Kawasaki Mule loaded up in the mud.

around that would be vulnerable to vandals or thieves. I secure all the equipment by chaining and locking or blocking it in. I need to refill my 300 gallon portable water tank up at the lake resort where my brother is staying with his Heartland Fiver.  I will leave the trailer there and swing back by on my return to fill it and return to the jobsite.  One thing that is troubling me is the security of our Kawasaki Mule.  This little UTV is invaluable when it comes to moving around rough country like this.  You will destroy a full sized 4×4 trying to get around the property and the little UTV will go places I would never even think of going in my Suburban.  Just about everybody you see out here in the rural areas has some kind of 4 wheeler to get around in the woods.  The Mule is a desirable target and hard to secure so I make the decision to load it up on the trailer behind the  water tank and take it up to the resort.  Security is much better up there.  So even though it is miserably cold and raining by this time,  I take an extra 20 minutes and get the Mule loaded on the trailer.  I sure will sleep easier while I am at home base in Dallas knowing it is secure!

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