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Our Neighborhood

Miss K and I share our boondocking  neighborhood with a motley and varied crew.  Truck drivers hauling salt water out and pipe in, Company Men with a phone firmly to their ear as they check in at the oil field gate and roughnecks with grime covering the tattoos that snake up their arms.  Every day the same; every day a tad different.

There is a frac pit down below us here just a little bit.  A big ugly square hole pushed out of a field and lined with black plastic.  All straight and business it is; nothing aesthetic about it.  When they are getting ready to frac a well we can always tell because they come in and pump the frac pit full of water to be used in the process.

A pair of curious spikey young bucks

We can tell it has water because the wildlife traffic around the Old Girl increases.  Stands to reason being as how it is hot summer and we are in the middle of a terrible drought.  The critters go to water.

There are a pair of young spikey bucks that come around of a morning or late in the evening.  Like teenagers every where, they are inquisitive and naive in the ways of the world.   Tuco the Dog can tell they are silly and no true threat.  She will not even bark at them.

A Texas Bobcat -- not ours

I was out pumping water late in the day on Friday and a water truck stopped on his way out.  Jumping out of the cab, the driver said ‘ You got a bobcat right over the hill there.’    Yeah,  I know we do driver.   A full grown bobcat with a bold attitude,  he will literally saunter across the road in full daylight on a trail he uses to travel back and forth to the pit.  We have seen him several times as he makes his way to the hunt.

Miss K can’t abide a snake but all the snake action seems to happen on her shift.  Maybe it is because ‘her’ truck drivers like to show off just a skosh.   You ever had a cat bring their latest kill back  for you to admire?  ‘Her drivers’ are sorta like that proud cat.  Any unusual doings or odd sightings or interesting road kill,

Chris showing off his 4 foot Timber Rattler to Miss K

they have to stop up here at the Old Girl and crow a little bit.  Sunday night about 2145,  she noticed an out bound water truck stop on the hill 75 yds below the Old Girl.  He backed up, pulled forward and then got out of the truck.  Then he pulled up to the Old Girl and when she heard the hiss of the air brakes being set she knew she was in for it yet again.  Her buddy Chris had something to show off.  That is a 4 foot timber rattler folks.  That picture may be just a tad blurry because Miss K said she was shaking something awful but knew I would be disappointed if she didn’t get a pic.  Even though she be having no part of that snake she told me she felt bound to get a picture because she knew I would want it for the blog.  Way to go Little Blondie!

It has been cool up here next to the Red the last 2 nights – down in the 50’s both evenings and it sure has been a welcome respite from the heat.  I feel obligated to caution all you oil field  gate keepers and snowbirds that read here and may not be versed in the ways of Texas rattlers about how they be.  When the weather turns cool like this and being as how a snake critter is cold blooded;  they are going to go looking for a warm spot.   A warm engine block;   maybe just the spot of ground underneath your car that picks up the heat from the engine when you park is a good spot.  You see ’em in the road, especially a black asphalt road, when the sun goes down and it gets cool.  Your black drinking water tank on your trailer will absorb the sun all day and then radiate that heat all night.  That ol’ rattler would be loving that.  So you need to be careful folks.  Watch where you put your hands especially.  Don’t be going ’round after dark to turn on the water or dump a tank if you don’t have a bright light and make sure to peep around good before you go stickin’ a hand in there.


End Note:  Shape I’m In by Nathan Hamilton from the All For Love and Wages cd.  Just ’cause everybody needs to listen to a hardcore Texas rocker every now and then.

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