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Grab Bag

For some reason I can’t remember, I decided all of my blog posts should be 500 words or longer — and y’all put up with it.  What’s up with that? Because of that self imposed threshold,  some items end up on the scratch pad because even I can’t stretch ’em to 500 words. So I cheat  — here are some short items all rolled into one post.  Most likely none of the items are even remotely related to each other.

It is Friday, the last day of September. If you are a cubicle dweller that means you probably have a two day weekend coming up.  If you are an oilfield gate guard, most likely you just thought ‘Holy crap, Is it Friday????’  Like that even matters…..

The actual Miss K butt in question.........

Honestly, that car does not make your butt look big…

Miss Kathy had a recent dust up with a local cop down south of that Ft. Worth.  I mentioned it a few days ago in a post.  She got around to writing about it in her blog and you can read all about it here.   I keep telling her that hippie chick look just invites closer scrutiny from the authorities. Every time she gets stopped in PACO, they want her to get out of the car.  That never happens to me in the Suburban????  WTF?  Only thing I can figure is they wanna check out her butt.  Nothing wrong with that — I do it all the time.


The Generac NP-66 Propane RV Generator

Finally got the parts in for the refurbishment at a cost of $468.00.  I was fretting spending that much money on a generator that is 18 years old.  Once I started tearing into it, I was glad I had ordered al the stuff.

Description Unit price Qty Amount
075216 Generac Polygroove Belt for RV Generator
Item# 075216
$23.84 USD 1 $23.84 USD
Generac 83048 Voltage Regulator (Quicksilver # 810676)
Item# 0830480SRV
$159.98 USD 1 $159.98 USD
Generac 73123-A / 073123-A Air Filter
Item# 073123-A
$13.95 USD 2 $27.90 USD
75260-A Starter Drive Kit for Generac
Item# 075260-A
$27.95 USD 1 $27.95 USD
Starter Motor for Generac 75255 (NEW Aftermarket)
Item# 075255-A
$129.95 USD 1 $129.95 USD
Generac 66386 Brush Holder with Brushes (066386)
Item# 066386
$12.66 USD 1 $12.66 USD
Generac 073132 Boot, Spark Plug***
Item# 073132
$2.25 USD 4 $9.00 USD
Generac 070185E / 070185F Oil Filter
Item# 070185E
$6.97 USD 2 $13.94 USD
P/N 69341-A Pre-Cleaner for Generac
Item# 069341-A
$5.29 USD 2 $10.58 USD
Relay / Starter Solenoid for Generac # 56739
Item# 056739-A
$32.95 USD 1 $32.95 USD
Subtotal $448.75 USD
Shipping and handling $20.07 USD
Total $468.82 USD



I ordered the parts from ASAP Electric and they deserve a plug.  I have ordered from them in the past and they do have a ton of hard to find generator parts.  Evidently they are a small mom and pop out of somewhere in PA.  They did not have one of the items in immediate stock that I ordered and called me PDQ to see how I wanted to proceed with the order.  Good customer service is all but extinct these days so it was a welcome change.

Major generator surgery

Anytime you are dealing with older equipment that still is sound from a mechanical stand point, you really have to think about the toll that time takes on any rubber parts. Even though the Generac Generator was never in direct sunlight and escaped the ravages of the UV rays, the rubber still deteriorates after almost 20 years.  Surprisingly,  the drive belt was not checked or cracked.  It has lost its’ pliability and is quite stiff so R&R is warranted.  The spark plug boots crumpled in my hands like wet toilet paper and the fuel lines were most definitely shot.  When I pulled the brushes on the generator head they were due for replacement as well.  One of the good things is that most of the parts that I am replacing are still functional.  I will put them back in a box somewhere and hold them for emergency spares.  I just gotta remember where I put that box.

More generator stuff…

Sometimes it seems like I talk about generators alot.  Well, I do.  When tying into the public utility grid is not even a remote possibility and you are 100% dependent on a generator 24/7 for months on end, you get sorta anal about your power source.  Our guy was up here yesterday with fuel and water.  He skipped our water, we still had 375 gallons in the tank.  We discussed the fuel line repair I did last week that saved him a trip up here.  He also told me one of the generators had grenaded at another gate. It was a Kubota powered unit and had 7500 hours on it.  We are running a Perkins diesel and it has proven to be a good runner so far (knockin’ on wood).

A tube of American Silver Eagles

The Bargain of the Day….

I wish I had a few extra Benjamins laying around ’cause if I did I would be buying some silver or gold right now.  Silver has been hovering around the $30/oz.  mark for the last few days due to some encouraging financial news both here and from the EU.  Whatever!  All they are doing is delaying the inevitable.  It won’t last and then the precious metal prices are gonna skyrocket yet again.  It is the only safe haven investment I can think of right now.




Not the Bargain of the Day…

Zombie Crusher

Just say you got like an extra $1 mil or so laying around and you are positive the Pocky Lips is nigh and the Zombie Hordes are congregating just over the hill…well, you probably need to be getting one of these.  Hell, I know I would.   After a day of running over Zombies willy nilly, you could retire to this luxuriously appointed Mercedes and watch satellite TV on the 46″ flat screen –plus it has a  bidet.   Now I am not exactly sure what a bidet is.  I think I saw one when I went over there to Italy.  Can you imagine me in that Italy?   I think maybe it is some sorta butt washer.   I guess if you are planning on leaving a wake of roadkill zombie marauders behind you  might need a good ole butt washin’ at the end of that kinda day.

Over a thousand words– that oughta do it.





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7 comments to Grab Bag

  • I hope you’ve got a good library in your Zombie Crusher of Dancing With The Stars downloaded for after the satellite goes dark.

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  • Sailbad

    Anal about your power source? You bet. Folks that want to go fulltime and boondock, need to give a lot of thought to their power source.
    I haven’t seen a RV plug in in the last year. I run my generators hard in the summer. I have a Yamaha EF2800i that I just spent $549.98 having it refurbished. It’s 8 years old. Last year I added a pair of Honda EF2000i gens when the Yamaha went down.
    I’ll only need one of the Hondas to support the batteries during the winter, but having a system that will put out reliable power in the summer is a necessity if you want a/c. I hope to add a larger propane unit to my summer digs in New Mexico next spring.
    Those tubes of American Eagles are heavy. They could put you over your gross. I however have some slack. I think the neighborly thing to do is to offer to drop by and load them on my rig to help you out!

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  • It doesn’t have any firing ports! We need a welder…
    And more ammo.

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  • don

    ‘Butt washer’ – LOL I needed that! That’s a great name for it, gotta remember that for some of my classier friends. Thanks.

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  • Joel

    Yes, a bidet is a butt washer. Or so it is intended. You could probably wash your feet in it, too. It’s about the right height. Whatever.

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  • CJ

    We gave Hank the Tank a bath in our bidet once. We didn’t really know what it was at the time..

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    • admin

      He will get over that most likely.

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