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Just Go Ahead and Procrastinate....

A month ago Miss K and I were taking hot showers with out even turning on the hot water heater.  Yesterday morning right before daylight it was 49 degrees.  It was cold!  I was cold.

Miss K earning the BIG BUCKS

If I wasn’t such a procrastinating SOB I wouldn’t be bitchin’ so bad right now.  But you know how humans are, we can justify anything if we think about it long enough.  The trip back from Terlingua wasn’t the easiest RV road trip we have ever made by a long shot.  Diesel spewing from a broken fuel line and a cranky onboard generator made for an interminable trip.  I skipped a few things I shoulda done.  All we really wanted to do was get back to the oil field gate guarding location that has been our home for the past 8 months.

I try and conserve our resources and I try to have a Plan B -sometimes even a Plan C – for just about every contingency.  If you boondock far from the land of that Full Hook Up it just becomes second nature.  One thing that is sacrosanct is I never use the onboard 40 gallon propane tank unless it is an emergency like Hurricane Ike  with a single caveat;  if we are traveling during the summer we have to use the onboard tank to power the rooftop A/C.  I made two mistakes when we took the time off for the Terlingua Romp.

Marshall Brass Extend a Stay X2

To conserve the onboard propane supply,  I have 2 Marshall Brass Deluxe Extend A Stays plumbed in to the onboard tank.  One powers all the RV appliances, the other fuels the Generac Propane Generator.  I also fuel the Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater via an external propane tank.  So doin’ that easy math, I should have 3 external tanks sittin’ outside the Old Girl right now.  Not exactly– mostly because I am a procrastinating dumbass.  I have 5 external tanks – 4 40 pounders and a 30 pounder and totin’ those tanks all over Hell’s Half Acre is a bitch.   Flawed reasoning and heat stroke induced laziness convinced me it was OK to leave 3 of those tanks in storage at Terlingua.   Hell, I don’t run the generator that much when we are sitting here at the gate anyway.

Heading back from Terlingua we used up a goodly portion of the onboard tank but I was not overly concerned.  I had 2 full 40 pound external tanks sitting on the pad in North Texas.  An added bonus was the every other day visits of the propane delivery truck out of Jacksboro.   Several of the wells up on the ridge were using natural gas compressors and the wells had not ‘settled down’ enough to power them off the natural out flow of gas from the well so they were using 500 gallon external tanks.  The driver had stopped by the Old Girl more than once to fill both my onboard and external tanks and Miss K just wrote him a check.  Pretty damned convenient.   I would just catch him when we got back and settled in.  No problem.

The first day we got back, the  propane guy came in the gate with his flatbed trailer.  Over the next 3 days, they picked up all the 500 gallon tanks and I was SOL on the onsite fillups.  I could deal with that.  I still had 2 external tanks full and the generator was hosed anyway. That was 6 weeks ago.  The beauty of having external tanks is you just throw them in the truck when they are empty and go to town for a refill.  I always, always had a spare in reserve and would just swap it out with an empty and then head off to town when it was convenient.

Tuco the Dog

Somewhere ‘long about that 4th week back, I used up one of the external tanks and just never got around to taking it to town.  Miss K can’t handle that job so I usually do it after I get off shift at 3pm.  But you know how it is — it was a rough shift; a cold beer sure would taste good right about now, I can go to town tomorrow.  Lalalala — procrastinating bastard!  The one tank that still has a whiff of propane left is hooked to the furnace/stove/water heater.  I had some of those little green bottles that will fire up the Buddy Heater for about 4-6 hours but I never use the last one.   My next to last green bottle petered out about 30 minutes after I went to work this morning.  Miss K has the new Broan Cube Heater back in the bedroom with her so she won’t freeze her little tootie off.  I used to have another electric cube heater but it was murdered last Fall by a vile tempered and evil man.

So I am a whiny bastard in addition to be a hopeless procrastinator.  Well,  my tootie is cold too.  Tuco the Dog has wormed her way under the blanket on the couch and keeps giving me the woeful my-little-black-dog-ass-is-freezing-here-boss look.   Nothing to do but step up and take my medicine which means turning on that gas hog furnace.

End Note: Sinner’s Prayer  by Slaid Cleaves from the Sorrow & Smoke cd.   Recorded live at the Horseshoe Lounge in Austin.

Over the course of twenty years and more than a half-dozen albums, transplanted New Englander Slaid Cleaves has established himself in a league with peers like Bruce Robison, and following closely in the footsteps of Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark and the rest of the Texas songwriting deans. His studio recordings have been engaging and, starting with 2000’s Broke Down, commercially noticed, but his words gain dimension when shared on stage. Cleaves’ songs are not often happy affairs, and his last studio album, Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away, wears its downcast tenor in its title. But even as he sings of romantic vulnerability and social polarization, he manages to warm the weariness and fatalism. Much like Springsteen’s socially critical anthems, Cleaves’ hummable melodies and chorus hooks often disguise darker truths within.

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