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Bizarro World

It’s a crazy old world, ain’t it?

I lifted this from one of my daily reads… (hopefully with due credit given they won’t mind.)  It just sorta fit in with all the bizarro stories of the day.  Actually, my first thought was maybe the pic was from Rick Perry’s New Hampshire Debate notes. (If you click the pic, you go to a page where the pic is the same size, click it again and you get a JUMBO pic.  Don’t ask me why. If I want to figure it out, I have to call tech support in India and I just can’t go there.)

The other bizarrro notes of the day…..

VP Joe Biden suggests rapes and murders would rise if Obama’s Jobs Bill is not passed.  I can’t decide whether to LOL or just be pissed at the suggestion the fed gov needs to be even more entrenched in our daily lives.  Then I consider the source and blow it off.  If Biden ever gets the Nobel Peace Prize like his Boss did, it is Honduras for me.

The folks in Dallas issued a permit for the Occupy Wall Street offshoot that is over in Pioneer Park so they would be all legal and such…. which struck me odd the gov would be so accommodating.   But in the way of all things gov there is a catch.  Yeah, they got their permit but city gov says after the fact that they also need a one million dollar insurance policy.

In the depths of our Recession,  Halloween spending is expected to rise 9% this year. Yep, you might be worried about job security or making the mortgage or feeding the kiddos but we gotta go all out for that Halloween… They are projecting 6.86 billion will be spent.

And lastly,  I am a Hank Jr fan but I am not so sure about this…. Hank Jr plans a run for the US Senate in 2012.    Check the End Note for what, no doubt, will be his campaign theme song.

So with that, I will sink back below the radar and go about the piddling tasks that matter in my little corner of the world.

End Note: Keep the Change by Hank Williams Jr.  Ol’ Hank Jr said the H word the other night and ESPN got all bent up.   So his defense is a youtube song that has now gone viral….. he takes a good shot at ESPN and Fox and Friends.  This internet/social media thing really changes the rules.



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