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Where Did the Week Go?

I look back at the past 7 days and just have to shake my head.  Where did the time go??  It is an absolute fact that the older you get, the faster the time slips away.  Looking on the past week, I am disappointed in the amount of things I accomplished.  Oh, I know I spent 84 hours ‘on duty’ on the gate guarding gig but to tell you the truth there ain’t that much shaking here.  20-30 various production vehicles out during the course of the day.  ‘Production’ meaning the various and sundry guys like the pumpers that come in daily to check the tanks,  the guys looking after the compressors running on every pad, the guys answering the various remote alarms that seem to go off every day; just that kinda thing. Then we have about 100 oil and water tankers leaving here daily.

Generac 6.6kw Propane RV Generator

I do have those two generators on the piddlin’ list.  The Generac propane generator that came out of the Old Girl is danged near back together. I am already studying the best way to get 300lbs  of dead weight shoehorned back up in the snout of the Old Girl.

I am waiting on parts for the MEP-002A military surplus generator.  Mr. Big Talker that promised me it was ‘100% and ready to go’ has manned up to some degree and agreed to send replacements.  It is more than obvious to me that his assertions in the past have not been exactly truthful.  Our email exchange that ended up the week closed with this statement from him ‘FYI:  I will stick this out to the end and that your satisfied.’   Well, to start with Big Talker, we shouldn’t be talking about stickin’ anything out to the end.  That sucker should be loaded up in one of the DTBs right now and ready for transport to its’ new home in Terlingua.

One of the interesting features of the MEP is its’ ability to use an auxiliary fuel source.   The onboard fuel tank is called the day tank and holds about 6 gallons of diesel which is enough to run the genset for 12 hours or so.  The generator has 3 fuel pumps. 2 of them supply the generator;  the third is to pump from an auxiliary source.  There is a kit available to hook a 50 gallon drum of fuel to this pump.  I have located most of that kit and the parts are on the way.  It is pretty ingenious the way this is engineered.  The day tank has a fuel level float switch.  When the fuel level falls to 1/4 tank, the auxiliary pump kicks in and fills the day tank to near full and then shuts off.   It figures the fuel level float switch is one of the bad parts that Big Talker is replacing-hopefully.

MEP-002A stripped back

My Bro has 2 50 gallon drums that had clean motor oil in them.  I got my name on them so I should be set in that respect.

Miss Kathy has usurped some of my goods over the last 2 weeks.  Nothing against her; more power to her if she can pull it off. The Broan-NuTone 6201 Two Level Heater is never over arms length away.  It does a fab job of keeping her chilly little desert toes warm.  I gave up on getting it back and ordered a second one yesterday.  The other thing she has appropriated lately is the Kindle 3G ; she is steadily wading through most of the content and becoming quite well versed on the current state of the world.  I asked her the other day what her thoughts were and she said ‘We need more ammo!’   Well, alrighty then.  I really can’t argue with that.

Buying ammunition is one place where research really pays off.  The price varies widely from place to place and shipping can eat your lunch.   The last few orders I have placed have been to a mom and pop joint up in Oklahoma called SG Ammo.  I really like the way these folks do business and their prices/shipping are competitive.  I figured ammo prices had gone up considerably since my last order 7 or 8 months ago so I just decided to check that out.   I was surprised.  I compared my invoice that had 45ACP. 45LC, 12ga, .38, .22 and 7.62 on it to current prices on the website.   The 7.62 was the only one that had gone up appreciably.  I doubt that will hold true much longer so maybe we do need to order up some more.



End Note: If you are ever in Oklahoma by Cody Canada and the Departed from the This Is Indian Land cd.    Sometimes there is a need that only some Red Dirt music can satisfy.  A rompin’, stompin’, kick the chairs over, long neck swilling,  hollering hoorah.  Cody Canada fills the bill.

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