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Everything on the Internet is True

In between gate assignments last week I was googling all over the internet just to see what I could see.  As security guards, you can work wherever you want to once you get that license paper in your hand.  So I was looking…. and I came across this page way down somewhere in the Google search results.

Whoa!  I sorta resemble that guy in the big hat, huh?  Well, I guess I should since it is a picture off the blog right here.  Now that they have my full attention I poke around some more on this web site and guess what?  Another pic………

Good looking equipment trailer this dude is flashing around on his web site ain’t it?  Except it is not his trailer, it is the trailer that was parked out beside the Old Girl up at Muenster for 9 months.  He jacked that picture off the blog right here.  I was mildly amused to start with because this is not the first time this has happened on  one of my web sites.  The second picture pissed me off.  Just answer me this— What company that has been in business for over 10 years does not have pictures of their equipment?  Red flag pardner!   Plus, they see fit to misrepresent the equipment on their website by posting a picture of equipment they do not own?  Something is going on here.

Being-not-so-dumb-as-I-look,  I check the registration info on their domain name and instead of answering questions even more questions are raised.

The registrant of record is Domains By Proxy.  I just happen to know who/what that is.  If you want to remain anonymous, you pay Domains By Proxy a yearly fee and they will register your website for you and hide your name and contact info from the general public.   If you have nothing to hide, why would you do that?  Man, this is starting to stink like a dead hog in the bar ditch now.

Next step is the Texas DPS website to see if they even have a valid security license.  Good news there because the license is valid and current but wait a minute.   If you put your company name in the search form at that link, it will return the status of the license and all current guards licensed through that company.  These folks show two employees which just happen to be the same names as the owner/managers.  Hmmmm.  Now I guess that could be possible. If I got licensed through Company A and worked for awhile and then switched over to Company B, where would my name be listed?  I just can’t answer that one for ya.  I would imagine that when I go to work for Company B that Company B is dutifully required to report that to the DPS and my name gets switched over to the Company B roster.  Pure speculation on my part; that one is.  What I do know is they do not have any current employees who work for them that are new gate guards — they did NOT take a newb and walk them through the licensing process and put them to work, not one.

OK,  Miss K and I are hunting a gate so why not contact these folks and see what they got to offer.  Can’t hurt nothin’,  thats’ for sure.   It would be a little harder than I thought.   If you blow up that picture of the equipment trailer, you will see the contact email address is Yeah right!  That ain’t working. So I fill out a contact form and the next day I get an email back to call a guy.  I do.  He is busy and will call me right back.  He doesn’t.   2 days later, I get an email back that he has lost my number and to please call him again.

By that time, Miss K and I have taken a new gate and I reply back to that effect and this is the reply I get:

That’s great! We didn’t have any wells starting before the beginning of the year, so I am glad you got work sooner than that. Keep us in mind if you need more work in the future. Also, we are starting another division of our company that basically makes you the boss and you just pay our company for our management services. This gives you more control over the job and most importantly, you make more money. Let me know if you would like more details on that.

Uh, no thanks mister.

A few days go by and I decide to contact him and his web site developer about the jacked pictures and demand their removal.   To their good credit, the pictures were removed within 24 hours.  The odd thing is I never did say a word about who I was or what my website was or give them a URL where they could verify that I was telling them the truth.  Somebody got caught and they knew those pics were bogus from the get-go. Pretty damned sad if ya ask me.

It looks like the website was ‘cleaned up’ a little as well.  Contact email addresses now reflect a valid email address and there are legitimate names and phone numbers to call.  Much more professional and credible looking for sure.  Oh, I got a laugh out of this one— when they were ‘cleaning up’ the website, the years they have been in business changed.  My snapshots of the pages show they started business in January 2000. I guess the corporate historian made a mistake or something because they now proclaim they have been in business since November of 1998.   One last thing- if you google the name of the company and town,  you get several hits on information contained in various online business directories.  The company is listed as an electrical contractor and it is a name and address match.  I can’t even begin to explain that one.

I fretted over this next part a goodly time.  If I was to list the name of the company and the young fella’s name I talked to on the phone right here in this spot, that good ol’ efficient Google search engine bot would pick that info right up and put it in that ginormous Google database out there in that California forever more. Then what would happen is if you was to search that company name or that fella’s name plus something like ‘gate guard’ chances are pretty danged good this page you are ’bout done reading would pop up. …. and that wouldn’t be right. Well, you are gonna say right about now ‘Andy, you dumb ass, the company name and such is right there in those pictures for all to see!’   Yep, right enough! If you are wantin’ to be a nosey rosey and take that info and check ’em out, go right ahead. Google bot ain’t that smart. The only thing he is gonna see is a picture name because even those geniuses in that California haven’t figured out how to turn pixel words into real words.

I got no axe to grind with these folks.  For all I know, they just might be a little slow or mebbe their web site designer is a  moron. Who’s to say?  They did clean things up as I requested so I give ’em an ‘A’ for effort on that deal.

I do know for a fact that an appreciable number of new folks visit Miss Kathy and I every day on this blog and a  fair number of y’all are hunting up info on this oil field gate guarding thing.  I get emails about every week from folks looking for work and some are pretty down on their luck and certainly don’t need unscrupulous folks takin’ advantage of them.  Mentally, they can’t deal with it and financially…….well, let me just say I have heard from more than one who had to put their last dollar in the fuel tank to get to their  new job.  Breaks my heart but those are the times we live in.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet my friends … and please do your homework!  I just lined the how-to out for ya in this entry as simple as can be.


Post. Script.  One of the things that really bugs me about this WordPress template I use is the way it handles the pictures.   And you know me, I like a picture or two with every post. Hell, this whole post started because somebody jacked my pictures.    Plus, if you don’t have a picture, it didn’t really happen.  Just sayin’….

Anyway, if you click on one of the pics, it oughta blow it up to fill up your computer screen, right?  Well, it doesn’t.  One click will take you to a screen that separates that picture out all by its’ lonesome but it is still the same damned size.  Click it the second time and it blows up.  Makes not a bit of sense to me but it is what it is.   I thought about expending some effort to try and fix it but then decided it needed to be filed away in my brain in the same area where I decide whether or not to get up and find the fly swatter or is that fly really bothering me that bad?



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3 comments to Everything on the Internet is True

  • Richard Boyd

    Great post from my buddy, “Didn’t just fall off this Interweb turnip truck,” Andy.

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  • That’s absolutely stunning, in a rude, nervy way! Unbelievable. Sometimes my naivete scares even me.

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