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Another Hole Done

Weed washing in the snow- not a job I want.

Most likely as you are reading this, Miss K and I are packing up the Old Girl and the DTBs.  The assignment here east of Iraan,TX is drawing to a close after 45 days.  We fully expect to return to this immediate area because much of what is going on is exploratory and experimental in nature. If they get the results they are expecting from this Wolfcamp Shale,  it will be a big deal.

As with any move, especially if you have done it several times, packing and putting away is no big deal.  After awhile, everything has a place to ride during the trip.  I am fortunate because Miss Kathy handles everything inside the Old Girl to the letter.  Secure and in place right down to the GPS stuck to the side window.   Tuco the Dog, a veteran in her own right, hovers close to make sure she does not get left behind.  She knows when she hears the jacks go up that a new snifferic environment is coming up PDQ.  Must be the equivalent of canine nirvana because she sure does like it.

Since I am a worrier at heart, a move always causes some stress and anxiety.  When I think of all the wheels that will turn all those revolutions and all those gears that must mesh precisely and everything that must happen just so I get unnerved.  Who wouldn’t?  (looking for some wood to knock on. I am scaring myself now!) . The last thing I want is a roadside sojourn with with steam whiffing out from under the hood as would a dead dragon or dark fluid cascading from the belly of one of our mechanical beasts as signal for a catastrophic failure.  Ah well!  I have checked tire pressures and fluid levels and belts and lights and hitch ups as best I can.  As I often say, from this point forward, it simply is what it is… another road trip to add to the growing list.

To hear them that has been there tell it, the mesa views we have enjoyed here will be dwarfed by what is in store in the Ft Davis Mountains.  We are moving some 40-50 miles west of Ft Stockton and some are already saying it is more isolated than the present location.  We shall see.  My new gauge for isolation is not how far to the closest beer store or usable cell signal.  Nope,  that old gauge is for those that just think they are isolated; the concrete cowboys who bitch endlessly about caliche dust and mud.  My new definition of isolation is the weather radio.  I always just assumed the National Weather Service had me covered anywhere I wanted to go.  After all, it is the government and everything.  In all the places me and the Old Girl have ever been, tuning the weather radio has been a 2 minute exercise in scrolling through the various channels and just picking out the one that was strongest…. even if we are out in the backside of nowhere.  Not so here.  We have no National Weather Service reception and that is a first for me.

Hopefully the next entry on the blog will be posted from somewhere west of Ft Stockton once we get settled into that oil field gate guard routine once again.  Might be a few days..

In the meantime, you might catch us over on the MyOldRV Forum which continues to grow and become more enjoyable by the day.

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