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Sunday Wrap

Just disjointed thoughts and snips of things that do not warrant a full post…..

On Illegal Border Traffic. . . . .

Stolen truck loaded up after the narcos crashed it through the fence.

We have our share, that’s for sure.  We are about 20 miles north of the border here and have had a goodly share of illegal activity in the area.  Most we see are just tired and thirsty.  Some are still actively evading the Border Patrol and some come out of the brush and start walking down the shoulder of the road.  Obviously they have given up and need to be picked up.   The worst are the narcos.  Seems like the deal is they steal a vehicle on this side of the border, load it with drugs and head north.  We have had two separate incidents where the stolen vehicles crashed through the fence and the drugs and vehicles were abandoned.

Last night, one of the young boys working flowback stopped at the entrance before coming through the gate and let two people out of his truck. Miss K asked him who they were and he said he had just given them a ride and he guessed they were illegals.  As they walked off, they were shouting at Miss K in an aggressive manner.  This is all happening 50′ from our front door.  She got on his ass saying ‘What were you thinking!?!?!?’  Miss K doesn’t rattle easy but this little escapade had her rattled and she woke me up.  The boy driving the truck musta told his boss up on the pad that he had screwed up because it was just a minute until the boss came flying down here in his truck and told Miss Kk he was gonna go find the illegals….  and he did, about 1/4 of a mile down the road hiding in the weeds. He came back in and told Miss K and she called Border Patrol to update them on location.

I guess folks reading this think the Border Area must be an unsafe area and there is no way they would even consider being a gate guard down here.  Honestly, Miss K and I do not feel in danger or threatened most of the time.  It is all a matter of taking care of yourself and situational awareness.  Don’t be stupid and put yourself in a bad situation and most likely there won’t be one.

On Shameless Promotion……

Lord knows none of us are gonna get rich gate guarding.

Some blogs have ads. Some don’t.  Some people write a blog solely to advertise. Some don’t.   After I quit wearing shiney shoes everyday, I turned to the internet as a source of income and it was a good ride until everything blew apart in 2008.   Advertising and the internet just go hand in hand as far as I am concerned and I hope that I manage to pull it off here without being too overt.  That has always been my intention anyway.

If you look to the right you will see a link to Amazon titled ‘Making a Buck’.  Clicking that link takes you there straight away for a little shopping.  The cool thing is anything you buy during that shopping session makes us a few pesos.  You don’t get charged ANY extra so they can pay me; it comes out of Amazon’s share.  So it is a pretty cool setup.

Here lately, I have been noticing some repeat purchases and I want to thank whoever is doing that. I can see what products are bought so I can keep track of my commission but that is all.  I have no idea of who made the purchase or where they were when the purchase was made.   The biggest commission we have ever made for one month was $100.34 and that was last December.  Most month’s are far, far less than that.

Some folks may  find it interesting that those few dollars made through Amazon are being allowed to accumulate in the account.  Our intent is to let the account grow until it is large enough to contribute a major sumthin’-sumthin’ out in Terlingua.  Hopefully anyway.  The account may outlive me and I guess Miss K can use it for final expenses or to throw a big ass party when I am gone.  Her call on that one as I could care less at that point.  🙂

At any rate,  I do thank everyone for the business and it is appreciated more than you could ever know.

Memphis style pork shoulders

We may be out in the boonies but  . . . .

we sure do  eat good!  Miss K sees to that.  Late this week, she had to trek north to see her pain doctor.  That afforded her the opportunity to shop at the Big City HEB.  She came home with a shit ton of groceries in the Suburban, some tomato and pepper plants and two pork shoulders on ice in the cooler.   The two shoulders went in the Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window and Remote Control at 3:30am Saturday and came out 12 hours later –  I gotta say we have finally got our Memphis style pulled pork recipe down pat after literally years of trying to rival what you could get on Beale Street.  The pulled pork is going to see its’ public debut this evening when we feed all the rig boys pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad and charro beans.

Some Yard Birds being sacrificed in the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

The key to our success has been the Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window and Remote Control which is coming up on its’ second birthday with us. We do not have room for a traditional smoker and I don’t have the inclination to nurse one for 12 hours like I used to.  This electric smoker turns out a product which is consistently better than anything I have used before.  It smokes evenly and the temperature is held constant. It easily feeds off of one of the 15amp circuits on the Old Girl without blowing fuses.  Plus it has a remote control fer chrissakes!  With a digital meat thermometer!   I can sit in the Old Girl and see what the cooking  temp is, what the meat temp is and make the adjustments as necessary.  I load wood chips about every 45-60 minutes and man oh man does it turn out some good grub.  I know that a few blog readers have purchased this unit on my endorsement and have had equally good results.   Ours lives in the back of the DTB when not in use and would easily fit in the back of the Suburban as well,  We did purchase the optional cover which allows it to sit outside if I so choose.  I just remove the electric control unit from the top by taking out two screws and store it in the dry. Then I take a bungie cord and wrap it around the bottom of the unit to hold the cover down good and keep the dust out.

I told Miss K last night that since we have the pork shoulder recipe in the bag, it is on to smoked catfish and smoked pastrami.  I love product testing! 🙂

Here is the Amazon link once more ’cause I need a few more pesos to retire somewhere in South Florida _NOT!_ 🙂  : Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window and Remote Control


MyOldRV Online Forum – Gate Guarding, Full Timing , Boondocking and such . . .   If you have not checked out the MyOldRV message forum you owe it to yourself to go over and do just that.  The link appears in the right hand sidebar or just click the link above.  I have to say I am very proud of the way it is shaping up.  Almost 250 members and over 3200 posts, it is proving to be an informative and pleasant place to spend some time.   Oh, no advertising on the forums (!) and I hope to keep it that way!

Y’all have a safe and productive week  . . . . .

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3 comments to Sunday Wrap

  • Bryan

    Great post and aptly timed I think. I would hope most folks reading realize that incidents like these usually are not common occurances. Hopefully the young man learned from this experience.

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  • Lynn

    Glad this doesn’t happen often & your Co was on the same sheet as you. I hope the young guy comes up with other ways to do a good deed for someone. Looks like the rig guys will be having some great chow! I swear I have computer-smell-a-vision. Somehow I got logged out of the form & can’t post. We’ve still been keeping up with y’all! An update on Tom, he had knee replacement surgery today & came thru great! Now for rehab to begin! Stay safe everyone!

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  • Hey Lynn. You need to log back in to the forum. Scroll to bottom of homepage and type in user ID. Select keep me logged in button. I did same thing. And it showed me as a guest.

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