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Questions on my RV Satellite Internet Connection

Clarifying some specific questions on the Wilson Cellular Wireless Amp

Reader Hector asks:


My name is Hector and I have read you blog with interest. Of particular interest is the antenna amplifier system you have installed.

As I have looked up parts for the project, I have come across several sites that mention the amplifier has to have a minimum separation. mention that for the amplifier you mention, 50 of separation is recommended. Well I have a 45 foot Prevost, so the 50 separation is impossible.

My question is what type of separation do you have?

I had thought I would use the Wilson RV antenna outside and the Wilson panel (directional) antenna inside. My hopes is to mount the two antennas with 2 – 3 feet of each other. I would position the panel antenna such that the rear of the panel antenna would point towards the outside Wilson RV antenna, thus radiating energy away from the outside antenna. The outside antenna would be mounted on the metal roof of the coach and the inside antenna mounted inside my rear closet.
I am just polling for your experience. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again for the effort in your website. I have enjoyed reading it.


Livingston, Texas

And my reply:
Hello Hector,

I have less than 20′ horizontal separation from the external antenna mast to the inside panel. If you measured from the external antenna itself it would be a bit more since they are mounted quite high. The 801245 Wilson amp only requires 25′ separation per their website and speaking directly to a tech. The other 50db amp models *do* require 50′ of separation. If you are using a directional antenna like the panel as your interior antenna and you face it away from your external antenna, you can get away with a smaller amount of separation. I use both the Wilson Trucker Omni antenna and the Yagi directional externally at different times. Occasionally I will get some feedback with the Wilson Trucker. If the Yagi is mounted pointing away from the inside panel it is never a problem. I would think your metal roof would provide an additional improvement factor in this scenario.

Let me know if you have any additional questions please.

Best Regards,

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