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Life: Every Inch Is A Fight

Yeah, who said life was supposed to be easy Pilgrim?   I guess some of y’all may think life in the oil patch with Miss K is all roses.  Most of the time it is.   But then sometimes, if we lived on separate continents, it would be too damned  close.

Recipe for Marital Mayhem

In a one quart saucepan add:

One cup my way or the highway — no substitutions allowed dammit!

One cup liquid mellow go with the flow

Beat it thoroughly like a rented mule

Heat over high heat until the mixture is boiling uncontrollably.  First person to reduce the heat loses/wins/apologizes/sleeps on the couch/can’t sleep at all/eats crow/eats sandwiches for the next week.


So yeah, yesterday was not a good day. I went to bed pissed and woke up in the same fashion.  After we passed like two ships in the night; her off to bed and me pulling on the Redwings to start a shift,  it was time for some introspection.  Now, I could blame it on the close confines of an RV getting on the nerves but that ain’t it.   I might say it was because of the unrelenting 7 day X 12 hour shifts but that it isn’t it either.  I was out in the driveway, kicking caliche rocks and mulling it all over when I saw a piece of paper up against a prickly pear off to the side of the shoulder.

Kismet can be a strange bitch at times. More than likely the note had been wind whisked off the dashboard file cabinet of one of the ubiquitous white Ford Super Dutys as it came in the gate.   It appeared to be someone’s budget reconciliation which got me to thinking I was on the verge of a full out Pity Party.  Everyone is having a tough time these days.  My/our situation is neither unique or previously unvisited.  Since a Pity Party is part and parcel to Sniveling, it was definitely time to change gears and get on with life at hand.

You live the life or the life lives you.

People pen blogs for every reason under the sun.  If you choose to write a blog that is more than what you had for supper or how hot/cold/rainy/windy it was,  it becomes a personal chronicle over the years.   I tend to check my blog archives when searching for perspective is the order of the day.   May of 2011 was little different from May 2012. May of 2010 was a different animal entirely.  It was pre-Miss Kathy.  Life DID change for both of us 2 short years ago.

Back when I wore shiny shoes to the office I used to say ‘Life SUCKS then you die.’  I used to say it quite often as a matter of fact.   I can’t remember the last times those words fell out of my mouth now — it has to be years and years.   What kind of state of mind was I even in to think those words relevant?  Musta been pretty sad is all I got to say.  Sure, life is hard and every inch is a fight but it sure is sweet when you occasionally win the day.

Folks, tell me everything doesn’t happen for a reason?  I firmly believe the next 10-15 years are going to be difficult. Probably the hardest and most challenging our generation has ever had to face.  If you read or watch any news besides FOX or Diane Sawyer, I am probably preaching to the choir.   So I am getting ready mentally and lifestyle-wise to weather the impending dark days.  I could have searched the world over and not found a better partner than Miss Kathy.   She is my muse, I am her rock.   Life is good and we face the future unafraid.  I would will it no other way.

End Note: Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton from the Complete Clapton. A cat bone selection from the Zune.

“Lay down, Sally, and rest you in my arms.
Don’t you think you want someone to talk to?
Lay down, Sally, no need to leave so soon.
I’ve been trying all night long just to talk to you.”

Funny how that works………..


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3 comments to Life: Every Inch Is A Fight

  • Joel

    Hang in there, Andy. This too shall pass.

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  • Ken H

    Yep, since leaving the shiny shoe compound, life is better/less stressful. When I went consulting, life was a bit easier, because I did not have anyone looking over my shoulder to see if I was working or not. I am self driven, so a supervisor is not needed (and certainly not desired).
    I found that as an adjunct to not going to an office daily the “fights”, “spats”, “control contests” and such just kinda went away. Semi-retirement is even better.
    Like Joel said, it’ll pass.

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  • David

    Hi Andy,

    Happy Fathers Day!

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