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Mildly Interesting Crap

Dirt bath for a roadrunner

What do you do if it doesn’t rain and you need a  bath? If you are our Resident Roadrunner and Official Gate Guard Mascot it is no problemo!  Just find a spot of soft,  fluffy dirt  and go to town.

. . . . . .

FoxNews is reporting that an obese woman’s body fat caused an Austrian crematorium to burn down.  Wonder if the insurance covered that?

. . . . . .

Remember my post  about taking control of your gate?  We are building some road/new pads here and had about 100 loads of rock delivered yesterday.   I told the rock contractor to inform all the delivery trucks of these rules:

  1. 15mph posted speed limit will be enforced.
  2. Emergency Flashers ON while on this property.
  3. Seat belts ON when vehicle is in motion.
  4. NO jake brake use allowed
  5. Keep your trash in your truck

Well, somebody didn’t get the memo and I heard a jake brake popping almost a mile away as the trucks started to arrive.   The truck was identified and pulled to the side for a one on one safety talk.  Got a little bit of attitude back from the guy as in ‘How am I supposed to slow down if I can’t use the jake?’  I told him real quick that I had a million safe driving miles in an 18 wheeler and you could, in fact, slow down quite nicely without using a jake brake.  On his 3rd trip in, this same guy managed to sideswipe one of the regular vac trucks outbound from the location.  Safety men from both trucking companies, a drug test outfit and the Company safety man showed up even though the accident was fairly minor.  They all were interested to hear he had received a one on one onsite safety talk that very morning because I had picked him out of the crowd. He did not have a good day and we got kudos for doing a good job.

. . . . . .

I have no idea who Cat Deeley is.  Should I?

. . . . . .

It is starting to get hot and your air conditioners are going to be struggling if they aren’t already.  You must keep those rascals clean if  you expect to survive this South Texas heat– remember we are just getting started.  Two things you gotta do—-

Foaming the air conditioner coils

  1. Keep the foam air filter CLEAN — if they can’t breath, they can’t work. I have 2 sets of foam filters.  A dirty one comes off and  the clean one goes on.  The dirty ones get dredged around in a bucket of clean water and I hang ’em up till they dry out.   Forget about vacuuming them off or blowing them clean with compressed air;  all you will do is tear the foam.  I use these filters: Duck Brand Foam Filters.
  2. Clean the coils on your air conditioner using a foam coil cleaner about every 4-6 weeks.  It ain’t that hard!  Pop the vent covers off, lay an old towel on the floor and foam the crap out of those coils.   The foam is self-cleaning so you don’t have to wipe it off or anything.  I use this foam cleaner: Thermwell Air Conditioner Coil Foaming Cleaner

. . . . . .

Custom flag pole anti-rattle device AKA old boot sock

I have the older version of this Flag Pole Buddy Kit and it is mounted on the rear ladder of the Old Girl.  Mine came with a fiberglass telescoping flag pole that managed to last 2 years before the UV ate it up.  Looks like they are shipping now with an aluminum flag pole.    I just got a Wooster Brush Extension Pole, 8-16 feet to replace the flag pole and I like it alot better.  A couple of heavy zip ties loosely looped through the grommets attach the flag to the pole.  I put 2 stainless steel hose clamps on the pole to keep the zip ties from riding up the pole when the wind is ripping.  Been tested to 40mph and it works pretty danged good.  Worse part about that Flag Pole Buddy was it let the pole rattle in the top holder and it was aggravating since our heads are about 2 feet away in the bedroom.  I solved that problem with a custom, high dollar flag pole anti-rattle device. Pay attention now.

  • Take an old boot sock.  Hole in the heel is optional.
  • Wrap it around the flag pole where it goes through the upper holder.
  • Tape in place with duct tape.
  • No more rattling!

. . . . . .

I do NOT need the latest smartphone app, thank you very much.  However, I do know what it feels like to be among the last half dozen or so people on the planet with a flip phone.   I just ordered some NOS batteries for that rascal, what does that tell ya?  It may outlast me- packing tape and all.

. . . . . .

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Being out in the Boonies has its’ drawbacks to be sure.  Two things hurt us — groceries and package deliveries.

If you are driving 60 miles round trip to a marginally stocked small grocery store it gets old real quick especially if you are Miss K and you like to cook the good stuff.  It has come to the point she is almost forced to make a monthly 100 mile round trip to a big grocery store to stock up on items that just can’t be found around these parts.   Probably in the last year or so she has been stockpiling some non-perishable food items in the RV which is a simple thing to do. If she finds non perishable canned items at a good price she will buy twice as many as she normally purchases.  High on the list are things like canned chicken, beef stew, soup, chili etc.  A few months ago I decided we needed to augment our food supply with some freeze dried food.  It has a shelf life of 25 years and is pretty affordable.  A 2 person entree is between  $5-$7.  The same product in a #10 can is even cheaper.  After some Googlin’, it looked to me like Mountain House Foods was the preferred brand and the best place to buy it online was Nitro-Pak.   I was surprised at the big selection they had and the only remaining question was is the stuff fit to eat?   So I ordered up a variety pack. Things like scrambled eggs with bacon, turkey tetrazzini, sweet and sour pork, seafood chowder, New Orleans rice with shrimp and neapolitan ice cream.   Now, the stuff is not going to taste like it just came out of Miss Kathy’s cooker, I figure you know  that.  At the same time it wasn’t half bad.  Most of the items, you just tear open the pouch and add hot water and mix it up just like that.   I liked it just fine and Miss K said she would eat it if push came to shove.  Of course, she doesn’t like Spam or vienna sausages either.

Most of the time if we are gonna stick around an area for more than 60 days, we get a throw away PO Box in the closest town.  6 months rent is pretty cheap and it is a tax write off.   We still maintain our permanent address and that is where all the bills etc are sent.  We use the PO Box for orders from Amazon and we always change the address so we can get our paychecks mailed directly to us.  Still yet, some shippers just will not ship via USPS.  You know what?  If you have a 911 street address, UPS and FedEx will deliver to you.  Sometimes it is a little rocky to get it started but they will do it.  I always start off with a low dollar shipment of something as a test.  Usually, the same guy runs the route for UPS or FedEx and once he finds you the first time, you are pretty well set.   They may bitch and grumble about having to come 10 miles down a bad caliche road but they will do it.   About the worst thing that could happen is they miss the first delivery attempt because they cannot locate you. UPS will call you on the phone from the local hub, you give ’em directions and you get your package.  I know some of the local stores usually accept deliveries from these carriers but I have always been just a little leery of that.

 . . . . . .

The Company Man dropped off a green stripe watermelon the other day that was grown down in the Valley.  To me,  a cold melon is about the best thirst quencher there is; short of a frosty beer;  on a hot ,hot day.  This one was a dandy, let me tell ya.  Ripe and sweet and not enough seeds to even worry about.   I generally chill one overnight and then cut rounds off of it just like you would slicing a sausage.  That way you can eat it without any sissyfied plates and forks and just throw the rind out in the pucker brush when you get done.

 . . . . . .

Hah!  What do you know about that???  I managed to cover ALL the wore out gate guard subjects:

  • Weather (hot)
  • Staying cool
  • Traffic (pad construction)
  • Dust (roadrunner bath)
  • Going to town
  • Food

Yessir, covered it all  in ONE post and didn’t even realize it.  My apologies folks!  🙂

End Note: Viet Nashville by Houston Marchman from the Leaving Dallas cd

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