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Ants in the RV – The ant problem revisited

The Piney Woods of Deep East Texas is a buggy place – it just is. Crawling, creeping, flying pests abound. I posted about my previous ant problem here and I fully expected my tried and true methods to have the normal devastating effect. Well, the ants were still in my recreational vehicle.  Not like they were before, not in the bed, not obvious wherever you cared to look but I still had ants.

Now ants in the RV is not a problem I can abide.  These were black sugar ants; the red ants are meat ants.  I had to do something so on the weekly supply run to Wal-Mart in Jasper I made a trip down the insecticide aisle for additional ammo.  I picked up a 4 pack of ant traps which were little cutesy artsy things a little bit bigger than an old fashioned match box.  I also got some more granular ant killer and some more ant spray.  I was very technical and thoughtful when picking out the ant spray.  I bought the one that had the greatest occurence of skull and crossbones on the back label.  I wanted the nastiest stuff I could find because my patience had worn pretty danged thin by now.

The ants still seemed to be in evidence around the kitchen sink and the bathroom vanity but before I go on let me clarify a statement I made in the previous Ants in my RV post.  I said the electrical cables and city water hose were the most likely entry points and I had never seen them enter the RV in a different location.  I stand corrected now.  These Deep East Texas sugar ants showed no hesitation in crawling up my sewer hose and then finding their way into the RV via the refrigerator access door.

I treated  with the granules and sprayed every hose and cable and set out the ant traps in likely locations and set back to wait. It worked.  10 days now and maybe 3 black ants since I went to Ant Kill Level Red.  One thing I am doing is being more fastidious in my outside applications.  Every Sunday I re-apply and re-spray everything outside.  If we get a  good rain, I redo everything as soon as the ground dries up.  There have been a bunch of posts recently in the RV forums si I am not the only one having a problem this summer.  Good ant hunting!

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Ants in the RV - The ant problem revisited, 6.9 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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1 comment to Ants in the RV – The ant problem revisited

  • Andrew

    I saw this post on ants and thouught I would add a technique we have used which stopped ants. Not sure if it will stop Texas ants but worth a try. Would be interested to see if it works.

    Take some normal lubricant grease or vasaline and put a ring of it around the power cable, sewer hose near the entry into the RV, water line, any canopy ties and the rv jacks. Grease lasts a long time and once applied is good for a few months. The ants won’t cross the sticky substance.

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