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Useless Blog Content – Is it Greed?

I got just a bit testy a few days ago when I had a few readers innocently ask why I had not been posting more. Maybe I came on a little too strong in the post entitled “I’m Still Here”

Basically, it sorta went like this…

You know I detest those RV blogs that seem to post every day regardless of significant content. I could post on here what I ate for supper, what I watched on TV and what time I went to bed but do you really care?

Well, I did kinda take their comments  to heart and I have been posting more on things I think might be of interest to all of you. So my apologies if I came on too strong.

A thunderhead boils up south of Basecamp

A thunderhead boils up south of Basecamp

Most blogs these days are monetized. Mine is no exception. You see those ads at the top and sides of each page? Well, if you click one of those, I earn a few pesos. My take on this useless blog content is one of two things.. either the blogger is hopelessly bored and needs to get a life, sorta like the people on Facebook who update their status umpteen times a day OR the blogger is creating more (useless) content in an effort to earn more money. A sad scenario either way you go.

A read a small handful of blogs on a semi-regular basis. One of them is RV Dreams. Howard and Linda (Ain’t it funny how you get to feel like you know these folks enough to refer to them by their first name?) Any way, Howard and Linda do a great job on their blog. It is more cityfied and mainstream than mine by far. Howard is very forthcoming about finances and fulltiming and I admire their entrepreneurial spirit. As a matter of fact, If you are not familiar with them and you are the least bit interested in fulltiming I would certainly urge you to give them a look. I will give you the link in just a bit.

Howard made a post this week about a change in journal focus at RV Dreams (that’s the link) and in part this is what he said:

In fact, I’ve determined that I’m not going to write much about our workamping here any longer unless something comes up that is unusual or special. I think we’ve covered just about everything as far as the day-to-day aspects of this job in a private campground.

I’m bored with the repetitive tasks of each day. The thing that keeps me going is the greeting of the campers and assisting them when I can to make their stay more pleasant.

Good deal Howard! I was getting bored with the stories of you cleaning the bathrooms and picking up the trash!

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