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Otherwise Occupied

Easy enough with the sad anniversary we marked for the 11th time this week to spin off  into a political tirade.  Libya, Egypt, Iran and Yemen all at the forefront of the World news this morning but we aren’t going to make that the subject of today’s blog entry.

Rig rises above the early morning mist

One week today at the new gate.  After you have been doing this for awhile a new assignment isn’t really new.  All the past assignments merge into this one with a singular sameness.  It is the same dusty road leading up to the same Ranch Gate.  The traffic in and out of the gate may have different names on the doors but the tired faces with the raccoon eye sunburns all look the same.  Miss K knows the routine…  hunt up a new grocery store that suits her, get a new PO Box and look for a laundromat that makes you feel comfortable without a gun stuck in your boot.  It is all about the same.  You don’t know exactly what is going on up at the rig but you do know 4 welders showing up at 320am is not good or Baker Hughes bringing a different bit every day for the past 3 days is not normal.

One of the big plusses to an oil field gate guarding gig is the simple fact you can do that job and be otherwise occupied as well.  Some folks read, some folks do puzzles and play games, some folks braid cat hair into elaborate wall hangings.  You have to do something with the idle time while it is your shift in the barrel.

Down in the Brush Country — Miss K in action

Me?  I have been making sure the ‘house’ is in order this past week. All systems on the Old Girl are pretty much GO.  Fuel tank is nearly full of diesel and the BatteryMINDer 12 Volt Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator is hooked up to the chassis battery so we have fire to kick over the Cummins 5.9 when the time comes.  Miss Kathy has been getting her list(s) together to re-stock our semi-depleted pantry when she makes the 100 mile round trip to the HEB in Pearsall later in the week.

Mi casa es su casa.

Life takes up a whole lotta my time.   Funny how that happens ain’t it?   On the surface of things,  we are going and doing and steppin’ and fetchin’ just like always — same-same as ever.   Beneath that veneer of everyday normalcy are the subjects Miss K and I  discuss just between the two of us;  most of what we discuss will never see the light of day on this blog.  Read between the lines if you will.  The shaky state of world affairs, the what-if’s and and might-be’s of the changing world as we know it.  My lists of things to do and things to have at hand seems to grow ever longer as days left to accomplish these tasks get ever shorter.   My fervent hope is my fears are misplaced but responsibilities demand I pay attention to the handwriting on the wall.


End Note:  Make It Rain by Janiva Magness from the Stronger For It cd.  There is just something about a mature white woman absolutely owning a song and belting it out like she had lived every line of the tune.   Blues is good for the soul.

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