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Texas Gate Guard Jobs - 4 Reasons You Don't Have a Gate Guard Job

Don’t waste your money on a car wash if rain is in the forecast.

Looks like it is that time of year….  Colder weather up north has begun and the Winter Texans are heading south.   It is about this time  every year when the supply of oilfield gate guard jobs is exceeded by the supply of returning and wannabe gate guards here in South Texas.

I wrote about it last year about this time —  South Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Jobs …  4 Reasons you Don’t Have a Job .  If you weren’t around last year or if you are frustrated by the seeming lack of communication or disinterest the gate guard companies are displaying, it is probably worth a read.

If you are new to the oil field gate guard business and have questions, the best place to do your research or get questions answered is our oil field gate guard forums especially if you live somewhere north of Interstate 40.  Here in South Texas we have our own way of doing things and really don’t care how you do it up north.  🙂

Last thing on the list and I am gonna get outta here.  Being stuck down 15 miles of bad caliche rock road, 30 miles from the closest thing that even remotely resembles a town, food and supplies can be a problem to say the least.  Internet can be a problem, staying cool or warm can be a problem, doing your job in the rain can be a problem, walking in mud that sucks the shoes off your feet can be a problem, rattlesnakes and bugs and other critters can be a problem, illegal aliens and drug trafficers can be a problem…  get my drift?  The job isn’t for everybody but doing your research and homework prior to getting stuck on a gate in the middle of South Texas Brush Country Hell lessens the shock.   So read the blog entries here and take the time to read the messages in the forum.

This what it looks like when all your backed up mail finally gets delivered.

Oh, I about forgot the plug.  While you are reading the blog and forum and realizing you may need some extra hardware like the Wilson Cell Phone Signal Booster we have been using for several years, remember the RVers best friend–  Amazon.  If you use our Amazon Link :

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we make a few cents off of ANY purchase you make during  that visit to Amazon.  It doesn’t cost you a penny more to throw us that bone but it makes all the difference in paying the costs associated with keeping the blog and forum up and running.   I tell ya, Miss Kathy and I certainly do appreciate it!

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Texas Gate Guard Jobs - 4 Reasons You Don't Have a Gate Guard Job , 8.2 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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