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Gimme a minute to find it.........

A visit from the Ranch Owner

Every day life these days seems to consist of bitty pieces of paper with notes scrawled on them that were apparently important at some point this week.   Yeah, it has come down to that in order for me to remember crap that needs remembering.  Sunday seems to be the day to clear through the mess and start the week fresh so let’s see what we got here——-

  • I finally got all my stuff that the Bad UPS Lady scattered across a good part of La Salle County, South Texas,  US of A  — no thanks to her.   I contacted the shippers to inform them and asked them to make sure and tell UPS about her rude behavior and gross disregard of company procedure.  Maybe somebody will put something in her permanent file or whatever.
  • Speaking of 80 per cent slackers,  if you  are involved in 2 80 per cent events, does that make you a 40 per center?  My gate guard service guy is a candidate if that is the case.   I usually  get him to stop by long enough to fill my fuel barrels all the way up;  anything beyond that is a toss up.  This past week I finally got him to change the oil on the new light tower/generator.  Now if it was me, I wouldn’t abuse a piece of equipment in such a manner but hey, that is just me.  30 days between oil changes –over 600 hours of use– is just ridiculous.  So as is his normal routine, he was totally unprepared and asked me if I had anything to drain the old oil into.  I finally came up with two empty 1 gallon water jugs.   I wandered off to check someone in at the gate as he finished up and I waved him out the gate in a cloud of caliche dust.   I glanced toward the generator and saw he did not even bother to close the service doors when he finished.  He also left me the 2 one gallon jugs of oil as black as a pair of Sunday shoes to dispose of.  Sorry bastard!  All I need is for the Ranch Owner to drive by and see that mess sitting on the ground all helter skelter.   Ended up sacrificing one of my 5 gallon blue  fresh water jugs for used oil storage.  His next drive by service call was almost as pleasant and satisfying…..  I told him one of my lights was out on the light tower — his reply was ” Most people barely have one light.  You are lucky!”   I pointed out to Ray Ray seein’ as how this was a new unit  that maybe it was covered under warranty and we could get it replaced at the other man’s expense. He said ‘Yeah. good idea.  I will tell the Boss.’   Now I know damned well he ain’t gonna do one damned thing extra when it comes to his job so all o’ that was just wasted good intentions on my part.    I haven’t been around a functional 40 per center before but Miss Kathy and I knew that is sorta how this bunch does business and we still signed up.  It is what it is.



  • Thanksgiving Dinner is going to cost 15% more this year than last and yet there is no inflation?  Somebody in Washington is certainly able to explain that one away with little effort.
  • This post is brought to you by the new and improved Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO AG 60 Adjustable Gain Cell Phone Signal Booster.   Yes sirree, Wilson Electronics  was as good as their word and sent me another cell phone booster gratis even though it was 229 days out of warranty.  Folks, I cannot stress enough what a fine company this is to deal with.   A quality American made product supported by one of the finest Service and Tech Departments I have ever dealt with.  It is a HUGEsecurity issue if you do not have readily available cell phone service on your gate down here in the Oil Patch.  A good internet connection is almost as important as a sanity maintainer.  As an oil field gate guard, you will run up on a gate with no cell or internet service if you kick around down here in the Brush

    Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO AG 60 Adjustable Gain Cell Phone Signal Booster

    Country long enough.    A good cell phone amplifier is an absolute must.

  • You want the bad news or the bad news first?  As I predicted back at the start of the Summer,  there is now a definite surplus of folks waiting on gate guard assignments.  All of the gate guard yards are reported to be full with a goodly number of folks in overflow spots at local RV Parks.   The other bad news is we are entering the slowest time of the year……  After Thanksgiving things slow way down;  or as much as they ever do in this crazy business.   Some companies have exhausted their operating budget for the year and will have to wait until 2013 to fire everything back up. The other thing is the crews disappear around Thanksgiving and they really don’t want to show back up again until after Christmas.  That is why the veteran gate guards get down here and get in place early.   They know getting a good steady assignment happens within a short window.  So if you are a noob and you don’t have a gate right now, what do you do?  Well, it is sorta like this….  You got 30 days more or less between now and Thanksgiving.  Do every thing you can do to get on a gate NOW.   Our mentor Bob the Texan would tell you the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Now is not the time to be shy and retiring.  You need to be relentless in your pursuit of that first gate.   Even so, there will be some folks late to the party and they will miss the window and find themselves still sitting after Thanksgiving.  I hope they have a Plan B.  Yes, there will be a  little bump around the Holidays as a few Gate Guards take off to spend time with friends and family but it is not substantial.  Fact of the matter is that if you are not working the first part of December that it may be mid to late January before you see that first paycheck.  Reality is harsh and life in the Oil Patch can be plenty tough.  Get after it now!



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