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Interesting Folks

I tend to read a variety of blogs and news sites — what else is there to do at 4am EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Some of the blogs stick with me and some don’t. I have repeated it over and over that to be a GOOD blogger — write when you got something to say!  Of course that is my curmudgeonly opinion because I reckon some folks like the blogs where they tell you what they had for breakfast, how many gallons of gas it took to fill up the car at Murphy and how bad their knees hurt.   All of that foolishness is already baked into the cake as far as I am concerned.  Tell me something I don’t know;  unravel a good story for me,  engage my mind. Just sayin’…………..

So one of the blogs that sticks with me is Don Henry Ford Jr from over around Belmont, TX.  He is a rancher,farmer, music critic, Christian, literate, published author and a convicted felon.  You know, we all end where we are by a series of fateful events and (mis-)adventures. Very few of us baby boomers are at the place right now at this late stage in life that we envisioned when the high school door shut behind us for the last time.  That is just how life is — you play the cards as they fall.

Don Henry got wrapped up in drug smuggling early on. If your trying to make a shit ton of money to save the family ranch from foreclosure and you are from South Texas and you are invincibly young — well, it has to be mighty tempting. Just  drop across the Rio Grande to pick up some goods to peddle to the Gringos.   I ‘discovered’ Don Henry about the time we got all wrapped up in the South Texas/Terlingua scene a few years back and I have been following him ever since.

Trials and tribulations abound in his world along with the deep appreciation of nature that comes with being a steward of the land.   I have read along with others about drought stricken herds of cattle, failed pecan harvests, friends getting shot in the face, the understanding and love of a good woman, a deep abiding faith and an outlook on where this country is going that I share.

He may be brash and abrasive and over the top but he is always truthful and writes with a measured conviction that does not waver.  I respect that in a man.  I don’t reckon I will ever meet Don Henry Ford Jr ’cause that is just the way this internet thing sorts out.  You can respect someone and feel a connection without ever sharing a drink with ’em at the local cantina.

I am particular as hell who I drink with and I would share a bottle this man.

From his blog  today:

I don’t know exactly how this mess ends, but I can tell you we have fixed nothing and that we remain in critically dangerous territory on so many fronts it’s hard to keep up.

I’d say plant a garden, but it may be too late for that. Perhaps you’d be better off stocking a panty with canned and dried goods. While you’re at it, get to know your neighbor.

Hard times lie ahead.




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1 comment to Interesting Folks

  • Joel

    Yes, he does sound like somebody you’d like to drink with. Some of his posts sound like he didn’t wait until you showed up . . .

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