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Just an end of the week mash up

My BF Cait calls yesterday and says” Whatdja get for Christmas?” Well, lets’ see.

I got some gel insoles to ease my tired old feetsies when I walk around on those mean ol’  caliche rocks.

I got a new Wrangler heavy winter shirt with snappers on it.

I got a Leatherman Wave.   I am studying on it to see what all those doo-dads are.  So far, it just makes my brain hurt.

When you wear a hole in the touchpad it is time for a new computer.

Oh,  I got a new laptop.  Cait says “NO WAY!”  She knows how particular I am about my computer and the very fact that Miss Kathy could select one that has me all jazzed up with no input from me boggles her brain.  She got me another Dell workhorse with a dual core Intel processor that zips along at just below the speed of light, butt loads of RAM and a whopper of a 1 TB hard drive.   That oughta work.  I have spent all week getting things swapped over and I am still not done.  I hate that part.

Miss K wanted bowling equipment and accessories.   Santa did all right by her I think.  Gotta love a woman that rocks out on stainless steel and gets off on bore size.

I am off north later today to visit Discount Tire and get new tires for the Suburban.  Silly People!  You can’t drive around in the middle of a Pocky Lips, running over zombie critters, with bald tires.  You know that!

Tomorrow is my birthday as well as the advent of the first installment of the fiction book.    The book itself is untitled as of now.  It will come to me I am sure.   I will publish 1000 – 2000 word installments labeled by chapter and installment number every week  or so.  The story line has been stuck in my brain like dog hair to velcro for sometime now;  we’ll see how it all plays out.   It is what it is.



End Note:  Love and a .45 by Chris Knight from Trailer II

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2 comments to Just an end of the week mash up

  • Miss V

    Well, happy b-day Andy! Hope you get a raspberry binbingka for your birthday. That is an obscure movie reference that I am sure you step-son will get, LOL!

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    • Andrew

      Thank you! I don’t feel a day over 57!

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