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A summer South Texas gully washer rolls in

A summer South Texas gully washer rolls in

4:52AM after a night of steady rain and the gate is open because I don’t like to traipse out through that mud every time a truck comes in or out. Gotta keep a close eye out for the Mama Cow and her Evil Herd — they have already proved they can vanish through those open gates in a mere eye blink. All you see is cow tails straight in the air as they run down the caliche road toward Los Angeles (TX) and points West. The Bastards! Gotta watch ’em close!

So maybe I missed my calling? Got me an email yesterday and said I was the lucky devil who just got their email picked at random and I had won a billion pounds in the UK lottery. And just last week that nice lady who has the cancer said she had decided to be philanthropic and give her $1,450,000 away to me because I was a nice man. If I send all my personal and banking info to that man in Russia he will tell me the secret of making $1000 a day. Sure beats sitting in a mud pit in South Texas I would say.

Most salesmen are as useless as a white crayon. I get solicited all the time here on MyOldRV. Folks want to buy ads or peddle their products to all of y’all in some fashion and my standard reply is “You don’t have enough money.” If they press it past that and buck up and say “Maybe I do — how much are you talking?” I tell ’em “$10,000 to start and then we will talk” which usually makes them go away. Hell, if I am gonna whore myself out might as well be profitable. Most of the products and items I talk about here were bought by me or Miss K on our own accord. If they work out good, we tell ya. If they suck, we tell you that as well. Some of the items are sold on Amazon and I put a link back to that product so maybe a good reader or two decide they need one as well. When y’all click the Amazon link it helps pay the light bill for the Blog and the Forums. Muchas gracias mis amigos!

So the other day I get this email:


I have reviewed your website. I would like to talk with you about creating a profitable business relationship. I would like to discuss the following.
1. Sponsored Link
2. Product review for our InfraStop reflective insulation product.
3. Advertisement for our RV size products.
Do you have a time that is good to talk?


Whenever a sales guy says ‘profitable business relationship’ my toes sorta curl up but I must have had my Nice Guy hat on that day because I replied back with some questions and queries and such. Mr. Nick, ever the salesman, replied back to me:


Thanks for the reply. No phones. Sounds delightful.

The bulk of material going into the RV segment is for wrapping the HVAC lines underneath RV’s. There can be tremendous amounts of temperature loss due to worn or faulty parts/connections. Wrapping these in reflective insulation not only protects this area but also insulates. There is of course the solar market that you have mentioned.

If acceptable I would like to send you a roll of material for your review, either for a paid or unpaid endorsement. I am also interested in a front page link showing our product, linking to our website or similar. I don’t know if you sell material or not but we would could always supply you material and you could promote it on your website if you are interested. I can ensure you are price competitive with the marketplace.

These are three scenarios I can see a fit for us. What are your thoughts?



So I got to thinkin’……….. Miss K and I are dealing with Summer Heat issues here in the Princess Palace because we only have the one 15k btu rooftop air. I can’t seem to break away to make the 350 mile roundtrip to South Dallas to pick up the portable AC unit we have there in storage. Hell, I can’t even remember ‘zactly how it ended up in South Dallas to start with. I salvaged all the Reflectix out of the Old Girl and stuffed it in the windows and such in the Princess Palace but it looks like ass. Plus I noticed it was sorta brittle and scruffy after 5 years of bus duty. I figured I would take Mr. Nick to task and see if he had the stones to hang with me and my Pucker Brush Gate Guard Family. Another email went a blastin’ out into the interweb universe:


I can see where that would be applicable for the floor heating ducts. Unfortunately, most travel trailers and fifth wheels are sealed under the bottom and the HVAC lines are not available to the average DIYer. I know I would never peel back the liner to do something such as that unless it was unavoidable.

I see a much broader market for the DIY guy who wants to insulate the interior walls and windows of the RV against both heat and cold. For example, we have a kitchen pantry mounted to a west facing wall on our trailer. In the afternoons, the inside of that pantry will be 5-10 degrees hotter than the interior of the RV because of the heat coming through the wall.

I will not do a paid endorsement and I am loathe to do a front page link. I will review your product and do a blog entry on that one subject– good or bad outcome. I see where you are an Amazon seller. If the review turns out to be favorable, I will put several affiliate links in place and I will collect my sales commission in that fashion.

Fair enough?


Basically, Mr. Nick, send me a few free rolls of the insulation on your dime.  I will do a blog post –good or bad– and if the truck runs off the cliff you are going to be riding shotgun.   To his credit, he manned up with zero hesitation.   Look for a blog review of the Infrastop Insulation product in a few days.

A random thought:  Seems like in the parching heat of what is a South Texas Summer when the land seems devoid of most plant and animal life, a good soaking rain changes everything.  It turns into a Bug-A-Rama and the ground and air are filled with insects that I cannot even begin to name.  They all have a special affinity for A) Your lights or B) Your hair.  Just sayin………


End Note: Take Your Time, Son by Doyle Bramhall from the Bird Nest on the Ground cd. Texas blues instrumental ala Stevie Ray — as it well should. Check Bramhall’s bio.

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