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Adios Squinty!

Squinty--Miss K's pet

Squinty–Miss K’s pet

We moved again this past Friday–maybe a mile or so to the second gate on this 3500 acre ranch. That is what we have been doing for the past 11 months.  They were getting ready to build a new pad at our former location so the Bosses sent another gate guard couple in to set there for 2 weeks.  We moved to the longer assignment where they are going to drill 2 new holes.  Miss K had to say goodbye for a few months to her pet armadillo Squinty.  Don’t ask me how she acquired a pet armadillo because I just couldn’t say.  It all started when she put out a bowl of water for her when it was really dry.  Squinty would come up and drink and play in the water bowl.  Next thing I know she is feeding her cat food and some sorta dried worms.  The truck drivers coming in during the late night hours thought it was great fun.  Squinty would be out in the road when Miss K saw a truck approaching and she would holler ‘Run Squinty, Run!’ and she would hightail off the road.  I imagine we will move back down to Squinty’s Place again in a couple of months.

I figured out how to deal with the Very Rich when I was working with My Bro.  Very Rich folks deal with people trying to get some of their money every single day. In light of that fact, they tend to be more than a little paranoid and stand offish.  They don’t mind paying good money for goods or services as long as they get full value for their dollar.  Too many times that is not the case.  Folks figure the Very Rich got plenty of money and it OK to fleece them for a few extry dollars.  The Very Rich did not get to that condition by being stupid.

The land owner here is Very Rich.  Wouldn’t know it to look at him but he is and I venture to say this little project we have been involved with here will make him Extremely Rich being as he holds the mineral rights on this ranch.  When Miss K, Tuco the Dog and me arrived here last Labor Day they were just getting ready to punch the first hole.  We settled in and did the things we always do.  We do not interact with the owner or his minions unless we are asked to participate.  I think that is the whole reason we were assigned this gate in the first place.  This owner had the reputation of being a bit ‘difficult’ — we were told he was extremely protective of his privacy.  It is mine and Miss K’s policy to never interject ourselves into the private lives of the ranch folks.  We have our little corner of the entrance gate where we rule the world and that is all we do.  We don’t show up at the main house to visit, we don’t go hang out when they are having a big bash and we never ever ask them to do anything for us.

Sometime over the past 11 months I guess we passed the test.  I could tell a difference starting a couple of month’s back.  The Owner would stop by and chat and ask us if everything was OK.  The ranch manager would drop by and see if we needed anything.  Little by little, they asked us to assume more responsibility.   The manager would call or text and say he was expecting a delivery of ranch materials and just hold the truck at the gate and notify him when it arrived.  He would come down and escort the driver to the location where he was to unload the truck. The next thing we knew, they had chained and padlocked the main entrance and ALL oilfield AND ranch traffic was being routed by us.  Fine by me. Fine with Miss K.   I asked the owner about that the other day and he said they were comfortable with us and trusted us with the security and safety of the ranch.

I have commented many times in the past that an oil field gate guard is just a piece in the puzzle and regardless of how good a job you do it really matters little in the long run.  The gate guard companies shuffle the pieces of the puzzle around the board and most times they care little about who is filling in the puzzle. I tell gate guards that it is really about the money and as contractors we need to seek out the assignments which pay the most dollars.  We are just hired ‘guns’ so to speak.  I don’t really know what we have worked ourselves into here.  On paper, it is going to be a bigger complex than that huge development we worked up in the Barnett back in 2011.  Tuco the Dog likes it here because there is a drove of jack rabbits to chase most every day, Miss K would like it better if there was an HEB in Cotulla.  Me?  I am easy.  It is what it is you know.



End Note: South of the River by Ray Wylie Hubbard from the Grifter’s Hymnal cd.  If you ever wondered what Texas Music sounded like just take a listen here.  Ray Wylie has been part of the music scene here since the 70’s and he still has the licks.  Now, his son Lucas is playing guitar with his old man and the circle is complete. Check the youtube- it is particularly awesome.  Oh!  ‘Bout forgot…  Ringo Starr plays drums on this ‘un.  Go figger!


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2 comments to Adios Squinty!

  • don

    I guess I don’t get out much but I’ve never known any rich people. Well, if they were I sure didn’t know it! But then again, when would it come up? Sounds like you are doing a good job anyway.

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    • Andrew

      The Bell Jet Ranger and the Cessna Citation are a tip off Don.

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