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Running South - Returning to the Boondocking Lifestyle

I left the job site north of Newton,TX  on November 30th last year.  It was a 285 mile trip home to the sticks and bricks in South Dallas.  During our normal winter layoffs I usually check the job site to make sure the equipment and the RVs are OK.   This location was just too danged far way for me to make a quick day trip and check things out.  My brother did the  task this go round in the Cessna 182.  Sure did make it  easier!

Eventually it was time to head south and return to the boondocking lifestyle.

Watching the weather and trying to figure out when it is going to be dry enough to work is a real trick this time of year.  I decided I was going to head south this past Tuesday (1/5/2010).  My business was just about finished in Dallas and I was a bit concerned about the cold weather coming up the end of the week.   I arrived after dark on Tuesday and it was COLD! Down in the 20’s with a little breeze blowing out of the north.

When I left last year, I had cleaned the refrigerator out and left only one external propane tank with fuel in it.   That external tank was hooked via the Extend A Stay to the appliances like the stove, furnace and water heater.  I would have to do without my Little Buddy Heater tonight.

The Old Girl was in great shape. Batteries were topped up, the refrigerator was still on, no roof leaks any where — I was tickled!  My concern this time of year is mice getting inside the recreational vehicle and a quick inspection showed no evidence of those nasty little pests.   You can deter this by making sure all the external openings and avenues of access are blocked off.  I unloaded the Suburban as the furnace roared and whooshed like a jet taking off.  I really do not like that noisy old furnace but I didn’t have a choice tonight.   My “emergency” food was all that was left in the pantry.    Yeah, I could have stopped off at the grocery on the way in but I wanted to get back to the Fish Bus in case there were problems.   So the menu was Wolf Brand Chili with No Beans and two Miller Lights.   I always leave a few beers in the emergency food stash along with legitimate food.  It is all about priorities you know 🙂

A quick look at the conditions at the job site revealed the ground had dried somewhat but the weather forecast showed rain for Thursday along with a frigid  Arctic Blast.   Whatever was in store, a supply trip to the Jasper Wal Mart and the Propane store was in order for Wednesday.

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