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Proud o' This

A mid-week post is a bit of a rarity hereabouts of late.  My only excuse is I am trying to replace quantity with quality.  Yeah, thats’ it.

Sorta goes along with the reason for this post.  You ever notice over on the right hand side of this page where it says ‘Readers Choose Their All Time Faves’?   I have been watching the blog traffic and it seems more and more folks are reading those favorite blog posts.

With good reason………..

You readers vote on those posts by clicking the gold star rating system at the bottom of each post.  Making it to the ‘Fave List’ takes some doin’ because any given week I am apt to post some useless drivel or (more likely) piss a goodly number of my readers off and y’all vote me down accordingly.  Most recently, I guess I offended the PETA folks or cat lovers or maybe both with my Puckerbrush Parable.   Well, I ain’t backing up on none of it.  I warned everybody 2014 was the Year of Being UN-PC.  Life is tough all over–even for cats.  So like I said, making it to the list takes somethin’ extry.  Now, some folks do vote a post down just ’cause they are eat up with jealous or got some sort of self-perceived ax to grind with me.  I don’t  understand such rude behavior but it is what it is.  I figure karma will bite ’em in the ass before it is all said and done so I just blow it off.  You can’t throw yourself out in the public venue if ya got a thin skin.  That is for damned sure.

I am especially proud that more than one of the current posts were submitted by blog readers.  We haven’t had one of those in a while so I encourage those of you that got somethin’ on your mind or just a story you wanna tell to all of us, to  send it to me.   In the meantime, keep voting your heart for the new blog posts — good or bad.

Back in the Day -- One of the earliest recorded MyOldRV images.  Deep East Texas- June, 009

Back in the Day — One of the earliest recorded MyOldRV images. Deep, Deep East Texas- June, 2009



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2 comments to Proud o’ This

  • John

    Andy, You are doing a great job of blogging and regardless of the subject matter it is always a hoot to read. You are made from true American materials and that means a lot in times like these. Because if you cave, then there is no hope for the rest of us.

    Hope to see you down the road sometime.


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  • As an old friend of mine said about jokes (but it could have been about blogging, too) it’s hard to get new ideas when you see the same people all the time.

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