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New York City!

NEW YORK CITY??????!!!!!!

NEW YORK CITY??????!!!!!!

Had a guy email me this past week that wanted to do a phone interview with me about living and working in a recreational vehicle.  Well, me, Miss K and Tuco the Dog are certainly qualified to comment on that particular endeavor.  Human ego jumps all over something such as this because we all want our 15 minutes of fame, right?  Maybe so unless you are a curmudgeon.

I can count on less than one hand the strangers I have talked to on the phone in the past year. Family folks not withstanding,  I just don’t do much phone talking.  Even that is on the wane with the accelerating hearing loss which turns every phone call into an exasperating event.  So this guy would have to be just real special to rate a phone audience; his email solicitation was professional and well done so I figured to google him up before I dismissed his request.  It appears he is a writer for hire and has written some articles for magazines I recognize.  His bio confirms that fact and states he lives in New York City to boot.   Still goin’ with the ‘I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt’ scenario, I read some of his wide ranging articles that were available on line.

Remember that Pace Picante commercial a few years back where the tenderfoot brings his own salsa to the camp fire and the ol’ grizzled cowboys discover it was made in NEW YORK CITY and just about pass out laughin’?  I sorta kinda got that feelin’ reading this guy’s stuff. Snarky sarcasm, effete snobbery and a general ‘I am just so much WAY better than you’ pervaded every article.  Even subject matter he had no obvious real world experience with came across in such fashion.  You know I got no high regard for Yankees that show their ass and especially East Coast Yankees that seem to be incapable of doing otherwise.   I thought about sending him a how the cow eat the cabbage turn down but thought better of it.  I sent a simple ‘No thank you’ with the idea that if the issue was escalated by him as has happened in the past (some folks just can’t take no for an answer) I would write him a reply that had a little — ummmm, substance.  Even though I am a lowly,unworthy and most certainly uneducated Southron, I can strip the meat off the bone given a worthwhile venue.  BTW  — on that Pace Picante.   It was started here in Texas in 1947 by a fella and his wife who thought they had a better salsa recipe than most anybody else.  They rented the back room of a liquor store in San Antone to do their thing during the early days.  He did well enough Campbell Soup bought the company in 1995 for better than a billion dollars.  They still make the Picante at Campbell in Paris, TX.   Good stuff!

Rig Move -- Tuco the Dog checks to see if I am paying attention

Rig Move — Tuco the Dog checks to see if I am paying attention

Just another day in paradise………

You ever get the feelin’ you been there and done that?  Happens with regularity around mi casa.   Easter Eve we were two days into a rig move.  Huge hunks of steel and big engines moving out on vehicles with as many as ten axles.  I always get a chuckle out of noob gate guards when they experience their first rig move.  They will just burn a camera up takin’ pictures and I guess it is pretty jaw droppin’ the first time you see it.  The first clue oughta be 3 big cranes showin’ up to rig ’em down.  These boys are definitely not playing around.

Miss K and I do not mess around when it comes to doin’ our job and looking after things that go with being a gate guard.  Speed limits are posted for a reason and that is just one safety rule that needs to be adhered to at all times.  Every company has a safety department because people can and do get hurt.  This is dangerous business start to finish and we are fairly relentless when it comes to makin’ sure everyone behaves in safe fashion.  A rig move is always a perilous venture.


Eerily similiar-- Broken window on  the Princess Palace

Eerily similar– Broken window on the Princess Palace

Early that morning, just after daylight,  I had a bevy of loaded heavy haul trucks exit the gate.  They were all creepin’ along minding their business and doing what they shoulda been doing.  Problem is that much weight and that many tires skittering across loose gravels can do bad things. Directly there is a BAMMM! and tinklin’ glass and we look over (me and Tuco the Dog) to discover one of those gravels has gotten squeezed out from a tire and busted  a window out of the Princess Palace. My first thought is of Miss K  –she is sleeping about 3 foot from that broken glass.  We have a radiant barrier on the inside of that window and I know none of the glass coulda reached her.  I just wonder if she peed the bed when that racket woke her up?  Come to find out it didn’t even phase her.  You sleep hard when you are wore out and that’s a fact. I guess me and Tuco the Dog should count ourselves lucky that rock didn’t bonk us in the head and knock us silly.  Oh well!   I am sure that replacement glass is probably gonna be nine prices of expensive.  That is the window we use to exhaust our portable air conditioner so I may just leave it as is.  Its’ not like we use it for much.

The puckerbrush is a tough ol' place to survive.

The puckerbrush is a tough ol’ place to survive.

The eerie thing about this minor incident is our Big Hails event that happened in the same same spot last Easter.  I still see the sun glinting on pieces of tempered glass among the caliche that was broken out of the Old Girl on that bad, bad day.  Miss K lays the blame for the broken window square on my shoulders because in her world that which is not plainly explainable is due to karma.  I was having a slow morning the other day and I added some ‘features’ to the feng shui arrangement that is up close to that window.   Now, I am not disallowing that assertion since the Big Hails happened during a time when I was being mean and spiteful and most assuredly had little to no good karma on hand.  Along those same lines,  I had the Big Ass Suburban parked at the city airport in Hearne,TX a few years back. The city boys came out to mow the grass and they threw a rock through the driver side window. I didn’t ascribe that to bad karma then or now so I figure the broken window on the Princess Palace could go either way.  It is unsettling that Easter+broken glass seems to be a trending item in my world.  Maybe I need to find a barn to park the equipment in next Easter?

Wel-Bilt pump - one tough mother

Wel-Bilt pump – one tough mother

The countdown to time off has moved into the single digits and the pressure is on to get everything done button up good before we blow out of here.  The list is growing in spite of best efforts on my part.  I went out to fire up the Wel-Bilt Shallow Well Pump – 1 HP to fill up the onboard tank on the Palace and it tripped the GFCI breaker on the generator.  WTF!!!! Like I needed something else to troubleshoot today.  I figured it might be the old puny ass 16ga extension cord feeding it.  They oughta  have a checkpoint when you fall off down here in the Puckerbrush and anybody with less than 12ga extension cords should be turned away. Just sayin’…….  I know better so I switched it out with my heavy 10ga  Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord .  No bueno.  Maybe it is the GFCI outlet on the generator?  I plugged the pump into the outside GFCI on the Palace and it throwed that one too.  That pretty much lays it back the the Wel-Bilt pump going bad on me and I can’t complain.  That pump has done good for that last 20 months settin’ out in all sorts of weather beside our tank.  It wasn’t new when we inherited it so I got no idea as to its’ age.  Miss K texted the Boss Lady that we had a pump down and we would like to get a replacement in place before our fill in couple showed up.  I guess you do get some credit for time in grade because Boss Lady texted back and asked K what kind of pump we wanted.  She gave her the same make and model and sent a picture of the bad one.   That little pump is one tough mother in my book and it is on my personal purchase list for when things go bad.

We are headed to Central Texas; up close to Marlin; for the time off.  My Bro has some property up there that he has been massaging with a bulldozer for the past several months.  We haven’t seen him in over a year so it is time to get some catchin’ up done.  Miss K is not exactly wild about the idea of ‘boondocking in a cow pasture’ but she is going to tag along.  I figger it is gonna be good practice for what may lie ahead. She will most likely warm up to it once we get settled in.  I am looking forward to daily cold beers, good whiskey, good company and launching a multitude of bowling balls downrange.  If it works out like previous time offs about the time we get the dust inside the Princess Palace all gathered up it will be time to head back to the Eagle Ford.  I am not gonna complain because I know there are lots of folks out there less fortunate who would trade places with us in an instant.

End Note:  Fool’s Paradise by Leon Russell from the Life Journey cd.  Russell is 72 years old this year.  If he has lost a step or two I ain’t seeing it.

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  • Smart, checking out the writer. Freelancers do tend to be snarky, and the farther away they are from the subject the more they feel free to invent things. Marlin’s in a nice area. I had a friend who used to work at the Veteran’s Hospital there. Have fun.

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