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Thanks for the Memories….

BEFORE- Acres of impenetrable brush and miles of pine trees

One of the things about getting older is the time just seems to fly by!  It does not seem like I have been here north of Newton, Tx for 51 weeks.   Don’t get me wrong,  it has been a good run here.  Nice people, a great job near completion and a profitable endeavor. Can’t really ask more than that now can you?  The only negative aspect was the distance to the sticks and bricks in Dallas.  280 miles one way is not a casual trip.

AFTER - The six acre lake begins to fill

One aspect of the stay here just flashed in my mind.  I have been here 51 weeks with no water on site.  All the water I used and the property owner used for his weekend stays in the Jayco was hauled in here in our 300 gallon tank.  I wrote about this in February last year when I had been here in my RV boondocking for only a few short weeks.  Just goes to prove I guess that you really can get used to anything given enough time.

I wonder sometimes why folks read my blog?  Is it for the “fix its” I do?  My politics that I sometimes share too freely? Or the odd locations?  Maybe the sometimes hardcore boondocking situations I get in to?  If it is the latter, those fans are in for a treat with this next remote location.

We worked today through several rain showers to get the bulk of the major projects completed today. Operating a 30 ton dozer on clay so slick you can barely walk is no picnic but we survived :). In the next few days, I will be packing up the Old Girl and moving the RV and Suburban toad over into Central Texas close to Calvert. Just getting started there is going to be a challenge. No water, no septic, no electricity, no RV parking  spot and no frickin’ drive way for pete’s sake! Well, there is (was) a driveway but some incompetent contractor took advantage of the property owner and the driveway with culvert he installed washed away in the first good rain last fall. Can you say minimalist boondocking?

The tentative plans are for me to head that way no later than this weekend. The weather has been a little drier over there so that will help our plans. I will have to park my motor home and toad at the entrance to the property and then go get the small dozer we already have in place there. My brother assures me I can cut a crossing through the creek where the culvert washed out and get the Fish Bus on to the property. If I get the RV stuck, I will have that John Deere 750 to pull the Old Girl out to the other side. Won’t be the first time that has happened! Then I will have to pick a good spot to park the RV. I will have to judge where the best spot is as once we commit; the electrical service and septic system will be installed at that location as well.

The timeline looks to be about one week for the septic system… my brother and I can put in an RV septic tank in about 3 hours. The holdup will be getting the excavator or the backhoe moved over there to do the digging. I can deal with a week to ten days of no septic to dump my holding tanks. More than likely it will be two weeks for electricity. Again, this time of year, no problem since there is little need for air conditioning. Running the Generac generator for a few hours each day will keep the big batteries topped up in my motorhome. I doubt I will see an on site water supply for at least a few months.

You know, at some point early on, this extreme boondocking would have scared me witless. Drag the RV across a washed out road? Live for weeks with no electricity? Or months with no water? NO WAY! Now, it seems of little concern. I was doing a mental checklist earlier today when my brother and I were discussing the move and I do think I have every thing I need to make the move and set up the RV parking spot on hand right now.  To be that self contained is amazing in itself. Honestly, the only question in my mind right now is how far it is to the closest Super Wal-Mart. I may see how strong my GoogleFu is later and try to look that tidbit up online.

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  • Ha, there is never a dull moment with you, is there? Hope the weather holds up for you and everything goes smoothly!

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