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The Roundup

Let me throw this at ya.  If you were going to go on a 90 day RV trip and  you knew it was going to involve more dispersed camping than driving but you had no further details, what would you pack?   That is our dilemma in a nutshell at these remote construction sites but on top of the motor home needs, we also have to worry about maintaining a dozen additional pieces of equipment hundreds of miles from our home base in North Texas.  Filters, oil, hydraulic fluid, welders,  cutting torch, pvc pipe, drills, tools, nuts, bolts and screws and a myriad of spare parts.  You get the idea.  The logistics of this scenario is why most people in our business do not venture far from home. The Fish Bus has not seen Home Base in 27 months.

Packing up and moving to a new job is always an adventure.

Pumping water for the last time in Newton County, TX

In addition to all the parts and paraphernalia, we also have 7 pieces of heavy equipment, a Kawasaki Mule, 5 road vehicles and a Cessna airplane. The first stage of all of our moves is to take an initial trailer load to the new job site and then leave the tow vehicle at the airport at the new location for mobility purposes.

We loaded up the trailer Sunday afternoon with a Jobox full of parts, the water tank and two fuel tanks. My job on Monday was to drive the truck and trailer 200 miles to the new location north of Hearne, TX and then my brother would come pick me up in the Cessna and we would return to the airport at Jasper, TX. The plane really helps out with moves. 3.5 hours driving and a 45 minute flight back! Doesn’t get much better than that!

heavy equipment waiting on the transport truck.

It was my first opportunity to check out the new jobsite. My first impressions are varied.

  • It is closer to town than I thought– about 4 miles
  • It is more heavily wooded than I imagined.
  • The initial RV site may not be where I end up.  The heavy woods mandate parking in a less than desirable cleared area until we can do some clearing.
  • The washed out culvert is passable with the RV as long as it is dry. Rain is forecast for Wednesday evening and Thursday.
  • it is going to be a little more boondocking than I first anticipated.
  • I had 4 bars on my unamplified cell phone.

Tomorrow is the big day for me to get out of here in the Old Girl with my Suburban hooked up as a toad.   Tire pressures have been checked.  Fluid levels checked.  I ran up the diesel last week so the chassis battery is good to go.  I have everything packed up pretty well as I type this blog entry and enjoy my Jim Beam nightcap.  Tomorrow morning I have to unhook all the umbilicals,  take down the antennas and hook up the Suburban.   I hope to be pulling out of the gate I entered for the first time 53 weeks ago by 10am in the morning.    Tomorrow is going to be a long day for sure.

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