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Blast Off!

All hooked up and ready to go

I start each of these job site moves with some trepidation.  After all, my motor home is 17 years old and it is getting a little long in the tooth.

This move caused a little more concern than past moves.

I have been sitting in the same location for a year and the Old Girl had not moved an inch in that time.   I am not one of those people that believe in running up the 5.9 liter Cummins diesel and just letting it idle.  I believe it does more harm than good.   The experts say the engine will never reach proper operating temperature in this scenario and as such may cause lubrication problems internally. I do exercise the Generac generator every month.  I also connect the chassis battery to a Battery Tender.

My Michelin tires are 7 years old and showing some dry rot on the sidewalls.   When I first got the RV, I would routinely hitch up the 28′ car trailer with the race car inside and head out to West Texas or

At Nashville Super Speedway July '07

Nashville or even Northern Nevada with little concern. Well, that was then and this is now. Maybe I have become more aware of just how frail (at times) a recreational vehicle can be. Maybe I am just getting older and less adventurous. I will tell you moving day is an anxious time for me.

I load the Old Girl to the gills when I move.  All manner of necessary “things”  that enable me to survive in these remote locations.  Then I hook a heavy ass 3/4 ton Suburban 4×4 to the rear bumper.  That Suburban is also packed chock full o’ supplies.  The internet forum “weight police” would certainly have a time with me, let me tell ya.

To add to all the other stress, I got a late start.  I wanted to pull out the gate by 10am and it was 1130am when I closed the gate behind me.  I knew I had a 4 hour plus drive in front of me and when I arrived, I had to fix a spot to park, level up, hook up everything ( external propane tanks, DISH satellite dish, Gen Turi etc) before it got Dark Thirty.

Well, whatever.   Beats working in a cubicle.

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