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Time to go inward...........

It’s time to go inward, take a look at myself
Time to make the most of the time that I’ve got left
Prison bars imagined are no less solid steel

Time to go inward would you believe that I’m afraid
To stare down the barrel of the choices I have made
The ghost of bad decisions make mountains out of everything I feel

—-Time to go inward…… Rodney Crowell

Selfie.   Summer 2014

Selfie. Summer 2014

Been getting some email from folks checking in on me to see if things are okey dokey at my house. They are. I’ve said it before that if I don’t have much to say, I don’t write. I try not to pen drivel just for the sake of filling out a blog entry.

I’ve been inviting opinion on life as how it relates to me from some folks whose counsel I find true and unadorned.  Been getting a little unsolicited advice that hits close to the mark as well.   We ain’t talkin’ about a bunch of weak sisters here people.  These folks cut the meat off the bone if the occasion warrants.  Be careful what you ask for I reckon.

Here I though all along I was the worldwide authority on raising kids, living life Old School, being a great lover of women and the proper way to treat a dog and it seems not to be just exactly like I pictured it.

The mounting consensus depicts an overbearing,  over-inflated,  self-aggrandizing old bastard who beats the ones he loves most worser than rented mules.  Ummm, megalomaniac was also throwed out there and I’m like “What??????”   Oh,  I got some good stuff going on that is universally credited back to me by my sage counsel but it appears the bad outweighs the good pretty much across the board.  Seems when I was playing tough guy and being that hardbitten sumbitch and justifying it all on “Who said life was easy Pilgrim?”;  I was just being mean spirited, abusive and unforgiving.  Rose colored glasses anybody?  Seems like I be having a high mileage pair.

I got some figgering to do on just what the hell I coulda been thinking.  Since I detest a Pity Party and this post is getting dangerous close, comments are closed.  Got to fight this bad bear solamente until my epiphany is revealed.



End Note: Time To Go Inward by Rodney Crowell from Fate’s Right Hand


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