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Dead on the Ground

One of the casualties of the Friday storm was my brother’s satellite dish. We had set it up the previous evening and anchored it with the spikes we normally set in the

The DISH dish dead on the ground

feet of the dish tripod. A combination of high winds and rain soaked soft soil resulted in the catastrophic failure of the unit.  To add insult to injury, the plastic feed horn bracket was cracked as well when the unit hit the ground.

The recovery plan was a two pronged plan of attack and I had to fast lane it because my brother can’t miss the old tractors and combines on RFDTV.   That old tractor thing is sorta like watching paint dry to me but who am I to be judgmental.    First off, I took a roll of Alabama Chrome and repaired the feed horn. My feed horn broke years ago and thhe duct tape repair has

The DISH dish resurrected from the dead

held up well.   Secondly, I took some rebar stakes and drove them a good 18″ into the ground with a 2lb hammer.  Then I used zip ties to strap the tripod legs to the rebar.

That wind was cold and damp and absolutely ripping out of the north.  I was chilled to the bone and my Wranglers were wet from kneeling on the ground.  Dammit, I was SO cold so I decided to wing it and point the dish where I thought the DISH satellites might be hiding out.  I didn’t have time to mess with the SatFinder squealer today  — better to rely on pure, dumb luck.

I retreated inside my brother’s Heartland Fiver and turned on the TV with fingers crossed and whaddayaknow, BINGO!  Strong signals on Sat 110 and 119!  I was so relieved to not have to go back out in that bitter wind.

Tools were stowed and Suburban loaded up in short order and I was headed back to the warm confines of the Fish Bus.

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1 comment to Dead on the Ground

  • Bob

    You guys are lucky the dish itself wasn’t bent when it fell. No solution for that other than to buy a new dish.

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