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Time at the Stick House

4 weeks of dirty laundry and 3″ of rain = a trip to home base in Dallas. That meant I would have to leave the Old Girl sitting here in Calvert,Tx on battery power only and I was a little more than concerned. I ran the Generac generator Saturday AM to juice up the batteries and figured you can only do what you can do. I double checked and then checked again to make sure I had all the power draws turned off and then I locked the door. It is what it is.

Sojourns in Dallas are always good. I get some loving from a good woman, some down home cooking and a vast expanse of home to luxuriate in. The stick house is not hardly 1300 sq ft but it seems humongous. One of the things I really enjoy is long, hot showers! I also enjoy a 3G connection on the aircard in Dallas. I try to take advantage of that and update my computer– especially the Zune.  Since 120v power is at a premium here boondocking, the TV stays off quite a bit and I am plugged in to the Zune instead.  The 3G connection in Dallas gives me an opportunity to download tons of new songs in very little time.  More on that later….

I rolled back into Calvert early afternoon on Monday and I stuck the key in the lock of the Old Girl with more than a little bit of concern.  I had been gone exactly 48 hours and I wondered how the batteries had held up.

Trimetric reading right!

Not that I had a whole lot to lose – I bet there is less than $5 worth of food in the ‘fridge but it was the principal of the thing. I was pretty darned happy when the Trimetric 2020 showed 12.7 volts! It was damned cold though inside – 41 degrees – so I fired up every heater at my disposal and hit the start switch on the Generac generator. I unloaded the Suburban and got things situated inside the Old Girl. It was nice and cozy warm by that time.

In case there is any interest, my music tastes tend toward Americana country/ alt.country with a definite leaning toward classic rock. Right now on the Zune Danny Barnes’ Wasted Mind from Get It Together is playing. Just so’s you know.

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