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Hunkered down

The trip down to the jobsite in Calvert turned into just an overnighter. New tires on Tuesday took up most of the day. I saw no point in rushing back up to Dallas so I decided to spend the night in the Old Girl and see what the updated weather forecast showed the next morning. I was hoping the rain event forecast for Thursday would be down graded.

I am still dealing with no septic disposal and no power supply at the the jobsite. Just hanging out for the sake of hanging out is not worth it when the ground is too wet to work and the Generac generator is gobbling up the propane. Wednesday the weather forecast was worse -showing an almost 100% chance of rain for Thursday. So it looked like I might as well head north. Dallas was expecting rain with a chance of an inch or two of snow thrown in as well on Thursday. No sense in hanging around down south and then having to drive through that mess to get home on Thursday.

Thursday morning when I woke up in Dallas, the light looked odd coming through the windows. I looked out and saw almost 4″ of snow on the ground and it was snowing to beat the band. The forecasters had missed the boat on this one completely!

The Suburban with 6" of snow on the roof

They had predicted the little dusting of snow would not start until after lunch — looks like the schedule had been moved up 8 hours and this was no little dusting.  Now you gotta understand that one inch of snow can paralyze the Metroplex.  We don’t have fleets of snow plows and sand trucks to keep the road ways clear.   The small amount of equipment does well to keep the biggest roadways open.  The smaller highways and local roads will never see a plow or a sand truck.  Just as important, there are no private contractors to plow the parking lots and driveways.  I won’t even begin to discuss drivers who have no experience driving in the snow.  It just turns into white insanity.

Under leaden skies, Cedar trees bend with the snow weight

Well, on the plus side I had fresh tires on the Suburban which should have no trouble chewing the fresh snow.  On the minus side was the realization that I was going to have to venture out for supplies at some point.   The forecasters were saying it would continue to snow for at least another 10 hours with accumulations approaching a foot  in some areas.   I conferred with Ranger, the Wonder Dog, and we weighed out our options.  I wanted to go now and miss the influx of cubicle dwellers who likely would be dismissed from work early. Ranger wanted to go outside and run really fast in the snow first.   I won because  I have the Debit Card.   The GF suited Ranger up in his Pimp Coat and we headed out.   Wal-Mart, cigarettes and the Beer Store covered all the necessary bases.

Ranger, the Wonder Dog in his Pimp Coat. Checking out the Wal Mart parking lot for boogers.

We pulled out of the driveway at the 6″ snowfall mark.  It was pretty crazy.  People were getting stuck in the Wal Mart parking lot and shopping baskets littered the lot.   The crowd was really pretty sparse come to think if it.  I guess I should be thankful for that.  The people were either driving really fast like there was no snow or really, really slow.  That made for an interesting mix of traffic.  The primary beer store was closed which shocked me.  That old man  rarely missed an opportunity to make a dollar.  I took the back roads over the the secondary beer store and saw a half dozen cars off in the ditch. Most looked like they had forgotten the roads were slick and ran off on the curves.  If I had been out in the country, I would have most likely stopped to see if I could pull them out with one of the heavy straps I have in the Suburban.   Here in the city, it just didn’t seem to be worth the liability/safety risk.   Besides,  they were all little plastic cars with fragile noses.  Out in the country, I would have mostly likely been trucks with places you could actually hook up to.

The effects of running in the snow

Just before dusk, my unofficial gage showed 10″ of snow and it was still snowing.  The evening news said it was the largest one day snowfall ever in the history of the Metroplex.  About half the commuters on my street are parked out in the street tonight.  The undisturbed snow in their driveways was just too deep for the plastic little cars to negotiate.  I probably could have paid for a snow blower today just here in my neighborhood.

With temperatures dropping below freezing tonight, the roads are going to be twice as nasty in the morning.  The commute is just going to be downright ugly.

End Note: Gin and Juice from The Gourds off the Shinebox album.

Ok, so some ne’er do well hippies from Austin do a remake of the Snoop Dogg song and it turns into an underground classic.

Rollin down the street, smokin indo,
sippin on gin and juice
Laid back with my mind on my money
and my money on my mind

You really need to see them live to even come close to understanding what is going on.  Ummmm… don’t take your Mom.

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