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Blog$ 'N' Buck$

MyOldRV.com is one year old this week. This internet gig has certainly come a long way in the last 15 years… or thinking back 25 years to the days of usenet and BBS’; nobody could have predicted the influence and importance of the internet.

Back in the napalm blast dot com boom, I made some silly money on the internet and NASDAQ. I was old enough to realize the ride was too intense to last very long and as it got crazier and crazier, I prepared for the train wreck.

raconteur: (noun) One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit

My simple and unadorned business cards at the time simply had my name and below that “Raconteur” and below that “Part-time Pirate”. Most people looked at the card quizzically. Not a clue regarding the ironic message.

Google came along during those heady days and they proceeded to make a bazillion dollars just because, and for no other reason than, they figured out how to monetize their search engine successfully. These days it is the norm to visit websites and blogs with ads plastered all over the page. Sometimes it is hard to find the actual content.

Is it possible to advertise responsibly, with respect for your audience– and yourself?

Obviously, MyOldRV.com has ads. In internet nomenclature, it is called “ad supported content”. Most monetized web venues follow this scheme. Very few are capable of being a subscription only service and very few choose to throw away the revenue by not showing ads.
The ad revenue I gain every month is minimal. Some months it offsets the $25 web hosting fees and some months it doesn’t. As the blog gets older and the readership continues to grow, hopefully the revenue will increase. Sorta like raising a kid.

I try to balance your reading experience with my needs. That is why the ads are served in as unobtrusive manner as possible and that is also the reason I refuse to allow those annoying pop-ups. I also do not write posts just to provide additional ad serving space. I wrote about useless blog content previously:

My take on this useless blog content is one of two things.. either the blogger is hopelessly bored and needs to get a life, sorta like the people on Facebook who update their status umpteen times a day OR the blogger is creating more (useless) content in an effort to earn more money. A sad scenario either way you go.

So what is my point? (Get to it already!)

  • I enjoy writing this blog. I “manage” several other website ventures; this one is the most enjoyable.
  • I hope (at some point) that enough readers will visit and at some point in the visit, they may see an ad that interests them and click on it.  The more the better!
  • I am trying to generate some comments to gain insight into what you think.  Obviously,  ad supported blogs are an issue that troubles me ethically.  Please let your feelings be known by using the comment function at the end of the posts.

I know the fact the ads are even here just make some folks overheat.  What can I say?  It is what it is.  If you are the type that just cannot tolerate a free for the reading blog with a few ads thrown in, there is an option.  Check out Adblock.  It will effectively block the ads.  I don’t use it and I never will but I am magnanimous enough to point it to out any who are interested.

Of course, I never stole cable TV from my neighbor either.

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2 comments to Blog$ ‘N’ Buck$

  • I started blogging in February of 2002, and I’ve monetized mine since it was possible to do so. I rode the poker gravy train while that was still a big deal (the Chris Moneymaker (ironic, eh?) years), and I’ve had some form of advertising since the day I could get some form of advertising. I’ve made absolutely no apologies about doing so. If you blog, and you do it even half-assed, it costs money. The minimum price is the opportunity cost, and it goes up from there.

    The last time I checked, this is still America where we generally pay people in exchange for something we want. I never thought a blog should be any different. Anyone who begrudges a few ads should obviously go directly to their employer and offer to work 5 days for 4 days pay, to gain a better understanding of how the world turns. They’re probably the people who clog the aisles of Barnes & Noble, reading their books one chapter at a time while standing up.

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    • admin

      Good reply Scott.
      Maybe I am just too sensitized from hanging out with the Denny’s crowd over on RV.net. They just implemented inline text ads over there in addition to the Adsense and the hue and cry has been loud and long.

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