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Inundated by the Effluent

Vela Von on overwatch as I do gate guard stuff

Vela Von on overwatch as I do gate guard stuff

It ain’t new news. No sir.

I left my PC at the door some months ago simply because I find it most unfortunate we all live in a hive, packed to psychosis with other people. You can read about it here or here or here if ya care.   Like it makes any sorta difference, right?  One old fat man that seldom goes to the Big Town, doesn’t facechat or twitter book and has all of 9 contacts in his NOT-a-Smartphone.   So the ripple my aberrant behavior caused in my small sphere of influence went absolutely unnoticed by 99.99999 percent of most folks in the world.  Besides, most of those 9 important people knew I was already well down that curmudgeonly turnpike.  Gone are the days when you could shit in my pocket;  call it a dime and I would say Thank you sir, may I have another.’

I was running the traps this last week, skimmin’ right along and pickin’ just the tasty bits to drill down on when something caught my eye on one of my regular boards.  Now this is a huge online message forum more or less focused on all things bowling;  I just checked and there are 6597 users visiting there this very minute so they play in the Bigs for sure.

M101A2 military trailer AKA Desert Tan Baby around these parts

M101A2 military trailer AKA Desert Tan Baby around these parts

This picture is what caught my eye – a milsurp M101A2 trailer.  The message thread was tin foil hat flavored with the original poster wanting to explore the efficacy and practicality of a “bug out trailer”.  Certainly not a new subject for me since I helped the Houston Clan acquire one several years back for the express purpose of evacuating the area with their goods if a major hurricane threatened.  They were plenty cheap back then and in the days since delivery the desert tan baby has been happy livin’ at the end of their driveway under a tin roof.

I skimmed through the thread and then went back up to the entry with the pic of the trailer because it was nigglingly familiar.  Pshaw!  I reckon so!  The pic was of MY DTB from a post way back in 2011!  Worser yet the image was hotlinked.

Hotlinking is a term used on the Internet that refers to the practice of displaying an image on a website by linking to the same image on another website, rather than saving a copy of it on the website on which the image will be shown. So, instead of loading picture.jpg on to their own website, a website owner uses a link to the picture as http://example.com/picture.jpg. When the hotlinking website is loaded, the image is loaded from the other website, which uses its bandwidth, costing the hotlinked website’s owners money.

Bastards! So I wrote this message in the forum……..

The first pic is MINE.

Please learn what a hotlink is and understand why it is rude behavior. Every time this picture is displayed it costs ME bandwidth which I have to pay for. My blog is not published on one of those cheesey free sites and I would appreciate you not stealing from me, OK?

Vela Von on duty

Vela Von on duty

Thinkin’  I would get some sort of reply like ‘Sorry Bro,  I didn’t know about hotlinking – let me fix it right now.’  I didn’t give it a second thought once I posted my message and I went on about my day.  After all,  we were dealing with a group of mostly adult men who shared my outlook on most things.

Next day, me being a creature of habit and all I logged back into that same same forum and scrolled down to where the new replies were and started readin’ the blowup.  I distinctly remember thinkin’ when I saw the bullies pilin’ on ‘Oh, what fresh hell is this?’

The fella that hotlinked my picture chose to reply with all matter of underlinement and bold red text and such.  It reminded me of a note a sixth grade girl caught fast in daily, life threatening turbo-hormonal drama might pen.  He said this……….


Guess You might consider

(A) maybe letting Google Images know you don’t want the photo hot linked, because that is where it came from. Not your blog, just from a simple image search of typed in M101a2 trailer and this is one of the first images that came up. It showed the cover, which I just wanted the Original Poster how it fit and sealed the trailer.

Also, you might want to consider making your precious blog (or at least the photos) private if you are worried about people “Stealing from You”…

Most of us in the .MIL Vehicle family really enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience we learn with others. Kind of like the shooting fraternity does too…

I’ll be happy to de-link the picture since it offends you so very very much to have it “STOLEN” from You…

Hmmmmmmmm, that message and some more pile-ons basically telling me I was an asshole. I have the scars from the USEnet flamewars back in the ’80s  before Al Gore invented the internet and I know how rough the online game can get when you try to fight the hive. One of the rules learned from back then is you don’t reply immediately when someone throws a gauntlet at your feet. Cogitate on it a bit, let the agitation abate and then go back for a fresh look to see if it is even worth the fight. I decided if I had a hair on my ass, it was time to step up. So these electrons were sent spinnin’ out to the interwebs………..

Thank you sir for removing the link. None of us are made of money. I called you out instead of IM; maybe not the best choice but I will not recant.

The other images in your post are hotlinked as well. I am sure those other folks would be as unappreciative as I was if they were only aware. I regularly read this forum or I would have not known until my bill for hosting came in. Hotlinking is no bueno -ever.

You know what? I am sick and tired of people telling me how I should act or admonish me on proper and correct behavior. I know what polite behavior entails and I know what sharing free information means. I have been writing my “precious” blog for almost 8 years now. It is MY time, MY effort and MY money that puts it online for Google to index and afford you the ability to see the picture you searched for. I have no idea who the .MIL vehicle family is and I am under no obligation to please them or the shooting community by sharing my efforts and then paying the freight for them to do so -all without my approval I might add.

I freely share the copyrighted information on my blog with anyone who has the common courtesy to politely ask permission. I also use Google images at times but I copy the image to my computer and upload it to photobucket for sharing purposes. When available, I give proper credit for the image. That is the way I do it.

What it boils down to is this —

I paid extra money out of my pocket today because of your ‘oops’. Your cavalier and entitled outlook that I should be willing to share just because and it is not really stealing* is just typical of the world we find ourselves in today. You neglected to render the slightest apology for your ‘oops’ and instead chose to offer excuses and then lecture me on polite behavior.

“I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it.” Woodrow Call – Lonesome Dove

*def. stealing – take another person’s property without permission or legal right

Well, there ya go; that is how the cow ate the cabbage — I settled in to see what happened after I kicked the hive. BTW, I had NO one speakin’ positive on my behalf on this dealio. The alignment was definitely against me and it was mighty lonesome.

What happened was it got real,real quiet after I posted that message until the original poster came back with this……..

Well, just IM me what ever you honestly believe I owe to you for your photo being on xxyyzz.com for a few hours, and I’ll be happy to PayPal you that amount.

Most people make money by having their blog / postings viewed by others, (there seem to be a LOT of commercial ads all over the margins of your blog) so If it is really just for your private viewing, I’m more than a little confused by all those commercial links…

But at this point that is neither here not there. You asked for the link to be removed and it was.

Please let me know what you feel I owe you for the dozen or so extra viewings from this thread, and I’ll settle it for you on PayPal tonight…

Since I was born at night – but not last night; I went back and reviewed the entire exchange from message one just to make sure I was still knowin’ all I know. What I found out was I was dealin’ with a slimy rat bastard bereft of a fair dose of moral integrity. Prior to posting his quasi-apology, he had gone in and edited his original post  in order to remove most of the cheap barbs. Stuff like takin’ out the part where he ridiculed my precious blog and this….  He changed ‘I’ll be happy to de-link the picture since it offends you so very very much to have it “STOLEN” from You…’ to read ‘If you had any “issues”, you could have done the simple man to man thing and just IM’ed me asking for a de-link. ‘

Time to wind this down so I sent …….

Hotlinking drives zero traffic to the blog so none of the ads on there that defray my monthly fees are ever seen. Dead loss on my end.

Pay it forward on the bandwidth.

So why all the blather about some inconsequential thread on a message forum???  Look at the weather vane Bucky.  This all occurred on a decidedly 2A-leaning forum that is very conservative.  I am thinking you would be hard pressed to find many liberals amongst the members. Even so……..

  1.  Information was changed to shift intent and misdirect / misinform the reader when he edited the original message.
  2. The expectation was I should contribute time, money and effort for the greater good.  My contribution was a given and fully rationalized by the socialist hive.  My input and approval was not solicited or even considered.
  3. Long standing definitions were changed to benefit the narrative ie. stealing is not really stealing.

Does any of this sound familiar???   We just went through 600 days of pre-election hype where all 3 items listed above were everyday doin’s.  This rattled me folks since it came from a group I thought respected the same line in the sand as me.   Maybe I really am hopelessly naive and this is the new norm.  God help us all if that be the case.

End Note: Loving County by Charlie Robison from the Life of the Party CD.   Check the youtube for a near fatal serving of Texas – By God – Music.   This ‘un is a fave of both BFF Cait and myself.    Prompted by a screening of the movie Hell or High Water, made me homesick for some West Texas it did.  I mean, the soundtrack features Townes Van Zandt, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Scott Biram, Waylon Jennings and Billy Joe Shaver.  Each and every one of which have appeared in an End Note here over the years.


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3 comments to Inundated by the Effluent

  • Bouquet of d**ks

    It’s a waste of time to try and educate idiots like that.
    You don’t owe them a warning or any second chances. Passive-aggressive responses work best:

    Just replace the hotlinked image with something completely offensive and inappropriate. Rename the original pic and update your html.

    There are also WordPress plugins that redirect hotlinked images to your choice of sites.

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  • Don

    I’m voting that you are pretty damn naive. Just because I share a political viewpoint with someone else doesn’t mean they are morally worth a damn. They may have picked up the viewpoint I hold dear from a joke they heard on tv.

    I don’t agree with everything you espouse but you do think about things and I respect the hell out of that. Best wishes!

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    • Andy

      Thanks Don

      I respect the 1st Amendment as well

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