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Pucker Brush Bliss

Dog romp in progress

Me and the black face dog are just about back to a normal schedule after 2 weeks of helter skelter with a workover rig and a flowback crew hangin’ out here.  Makes me realize why most gates have a couple in residence.

I was glad to see ’em go – no time for morning and evening dog romps, no time to cook up somethin’ decent, no time to get any extra projects done.  Pretty much sucked – especially this last week or so.  With 76 days gone by since our last supply run the pantry is gettin’ slim.  Gone are all the convenient or quick fix items and this week has seen spam, Wolf Brand Chili and some frozen jambalaya leftovers – just remember it is always Wolf Brand Chili; never,ever, ever Wolf Chili unless you want to be tagged as a Texas noob. I did drag up and make some chicken spaghetti last weekend and Vela Von was especially thankful for the leavin’s.   Enough of that mess!! I got a hunk of pork loin marinating in balsamic vinegar, worcestershire, rosemary and garlic right this very minute. I figger to cook it up later on The Original Cameron Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker along with some mac and cheese and seasoned turnip greens with pepper sauce.  The mac and cheese is specifically for a neglected dog – she is a droolin’ mess until I put a measure of the mac and cheese in her dog bowl.

Dog romp – Phase II

The morning dog romp is easily the most anticipated of the day.  Vela Von is always wound up tight as an eight day clock and I need to run her down to blunt that edge….. and I need my coffee.  So the way it works is we do a coupla laps down the the lease road; scoutin’ for buzztails and smellin’ every critter that passed through during the dark hours and then we settle into the rocker chair for some coffee and ball chasin’.

Little Blondie like to ruint me on coffee.  She would have nothin’ to do with anything that didn’t say Keurig and she had no problema payin’ nine prices for those silly, outrageous K cups.  I never drank that expensive mess  without a fairly serious guilt trip. After she blew out down south, I re-started the coffee deal as it should be.  I don’t know who turned me on to the Community Coffee but I rarely drink anything else these days. Good, good stuff! and I truly admire their give back deal with the military.  I gotta think those boys at some lonely firebase on the backside of Dogturdistan, Iraq are thankful for a good cup of coffee from Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA.

Payin’ the bills in the Eagle Ford

I was settin’ there this morning – just throwin’ the ball and drinkin’ coffee when a vehicle pulled up to the gate that I knew was wrong.  No way it was one of the hard boys with business on the lease here.  It was some sort of new age mini SUV – maybe an Acura.  You know the type; a cross between a Porsche sports car and a soccer mom van.  I could tell right off it didn’t belong here because it was way shiny and clean.  I had to glance over at the Big Ass Suburban for a quick reality check.  It is streaked with caliche dirt, the hood is cracked open for the extension cord that powers the Battery Tender Plus and there is a black bag of garbage on the roof. Gotta put it up there to keep the coons and skunks out of it until I can make a run to the trash trailer.

I eased up to the closed gate and put about a half a stinkeye on him and he got out.  He was dressed in expensive camo top to bottom and I knew right off what the deal was because he wasn’t the first lost hunter to stop off here.  This is a big time hunting ranch and he had stopped a 1/4 mile short of his actual turn-off.  He was a well-mannered city fella;  walking right up and saying his name and stickin’ out a hand.   Some of these city fellas have little use for us deplorables.  If they get out of their vehicle with a look on their face like they are smellin’ shit I tend to be an asshole not so  accommodating and gracious.

Rough country to try and be a wildflower.

He told me he was here for a two day turkey hunt and I explained he needed to go down the road just a smidge to the main entrance. Then I asked him if he had the gate code and he went back to that bastardized SUV to get his paperwork to see if it was on there.  He came back with his contract for the hunt and I didn’t spy the gate code anywhere.  No way I was going to tell him right out what the gate code was even though it was obvious he was legit.  I gave him two good phone numbers for ranch folks and the last I saw of him he was easin’ through the main gate.  I walked back to the NO Princess Palace; rubbing the stubble on my chin and lost in thought.  His contract had the price of the hunt on there and it was easily more than I made in two weeks of gate guarding.

I got a warmup on that coffee and set back down.  I reckon some folks might be upset that the ranch was chargin’ so much to this hunter but I wasn’t – not in the least.  I was glad they could charge some serious money for the privilege of coming down to my world and hanging out!  I got all manner of critters between me and that first drilling pad.  Deer, hogs, an extended family of javies (13 or sometimes more) and a good dozen wild turkeys in a flock.  Just so’s you know,  a group of wild turkeys is a flock; a buncha domesticated turkeys is called a gang or rafter.  Don’t be asking me why.

Big ol’ prickly pear loaded with bloom buds

This pucker brush is rough country.  With only around 20″ inches of annual rainfall, you ain’t gonna see many big ol’ oak, poplar or hickory trees.  What you are gonna see is mesquite, huisache, black brush, agave and prickly pear.  Sometimes we get blessed by a warm, wet winter and this brush country just explodes. Such is the case this Spring and as I sat there in my rocker chair drinkin’ that good coffee and watching Vela Von run and play,  I counted my blessings.  I did not have to pay big money to escape outside the loop of the Big City.  Hell,  I enjoy it every day and get paid to do it!   Gotta be lovin’ the life I live!


I want to thank everybody that commented on last week’s post. I wanted some insight why y’all visit here when there is a blue million other blogs on the internetz and you helped me figger that out. It is still not too late to drop back a post and leave a comment.  I was hoping for a hunnert comments; I think we got like 79 now.  Just sayin’………..

I have been thinkin’ about what I needed to be doing when 2018 rolls around seein’ as how I truly believe I got one Last Great Adventure left in me. More on that in the months to come and whether or not MyOldRV will continue to be part of the ride.

You know, I have to try, for if I did not, I would come to that place anyway, but with regret.

The only way to really win is figure out how not to play at all.


End Note: Dreadful  Selfish Crime by Robert Earl Keen from The N0. 2 Live Dinner cd.

“It all comes down to livin’ fast or dyin’ slow.”

….. and because you can never stop with just one REK song; here is the one me and BFF Cait call The Buck Buck Song.  She knows every word.

“yahoo! hey! hey!”


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3 comments to Pucker Brush Bliss

  • Terry

    Hey Andy the comment you made abuout the city boy’s paying the big money to see what you see & get payed reminded me what I used to say in fall when I was still working driving truck when I saw all the tour bus’s going to see the fall leaf color’s. They were paying to see what I was getting payed to see.

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  • Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know I enjoy your blog. What I like about it is that it’s the about the gritty day to day stuff of life. Not many folks have a talent for writing like you do. And I borrowed some of your sayings like “Buy once, cry once, and needing some more “Bowling Equipment”.

    Your views about daily life, a man’s struggle to be left alone, and the government are spot on in my opinion. If you do decide to take off on one more great adventure, I hope you bring us along with you.

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  • Linda


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