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No Groceries - No Bueno!

The crime scene – The holes in the roof went clean through 3/4 plywood!

Easter Eve 2017 – Tomorrow  marks the 4th Anniversary of the Murder of the Old Girl.  Lookin’ back now you know what sticks with me most?  The way all of y’all stepped up and opened those pocketbooks to help out during my unexpected financial crisis. No RV = no paycheck; serious business!   In the short 2 week period I had the Paypal Donate button up on the blog,  you folks made it possible to replace the Old Girl with the NO Princess Palace and I never missed a single day of work.

There was an older fella I called Bob the Texan who gave me the leg up to start this oil field gate guarding.  Maybe it was during my fundraiser or mebbe it was another one………  I don’t really remember but Bob the Texan dropped this comment that I still try to adhere to today — ” Son, if you are gonna contribute to some worthy cause  – make it count and give ’em what amounts to your full wage for a day.”

I haven’t heard from Bob the Texan in ages.  He left the oil patch a few years back because a life lived hard catches up with you eventually.  Last I knew, he was maybe up in Idaho somewheres.  So, on this anniversary,  I hope my good friend Bob the Texan is still sittin’ on a porch somewhere in Idaho watchin’ the sun go down and enjoying his favorite beverage.


Little Blue during open heart surgery.

It is my habit to run up both the baby generators I got on hand every month.  Not doin’ that has bit me in the ass in person.  If y’all have been following along,  you know I have had a buttload of problems with the Yamaha EF2000is inverter generator I call Little Blue. Most recently,  I went in and basically replaced the guts of the fuel system.

Well sir,  after two monthly run ups I guess I can safely say all the workin’ on it was a success.  It starts and runs like a  Swiss watch though it still leaks a skoosh of oil and I reckon it always will.   I had always planned on sellin’ Little Blue once I was fairly confident it was 100% good mechanically – except for that pesky oil leak.  I was planning on doin’ the sale when I was on my next time off; Craigslist and all ya know but fact of the matter is I am Catch 22’d here.  My next time off is likely months away and I really don’t have room to store Little Blue.  Sure,  I could put it in my storage room but then how could I run it up every month?  I am just flat tired of wrestlin’ it back and forth every time I need something out of the Big Ass Suburban so here is the deal……..

Yamaha EF2000is 2000w inverter generator with known oil leak

Yamaha Generator Cover

Half dozen or so NGK spark plugs ’cause it seems to eat one every 300 hrs or so.

Hourmeter with 1500++ hours on the clock

Magnetic dipstick

Yamaha Parallel Wiring Harness to hook two Little Blues together

Owners Manual

Shop Manual (pdf)

I figure all in this is about $1200+ new.

Deal #1 – $600 local pickup only somewhere close to Pleasanton, TX

Deal #2 – if and only if(!!!) you are licensed HAM and involved  with your local ARES/RACES/Emergency Response team (meaning you practice these skills monthly) the price is $250.

No warranty folks and it leaks oil as I have duly noted numerous times.  It will run a coupla days before you have to add oil and the oil leak does not affect operation nor does it sling oil everywhere but it does leak oil, ok?  Hell, the Big Ass Suburban will leak a teaspoon of oil out of that big block on to the ground most always and I would jump in it tomorrow and drive to Seattle if I was a mind to.  Little Blue is sorta like that.

Prices are firm but I might trade out for some ‘bowling equipment‘ – (wink,wink,nudge,nudge)

Email me – andy(at) – if this floats your boat in some fashion. I want it gone.


It has been 104 days since I was off the gate here for a supply run which I think might beat last summer’s record.  The thing is I was s’posed to be in Pleasanton right this minute fightin’ the smartphone-addled moms who be lettin’ their yard apes run helter skelter down the aisles of HEB. Were it up to me, I would snatch the little hellions up by the collar, swat their ass and tell ’em to “Settle the “F” down and mind their manners!”  all the while beamin’ a ferocious stinkeye at their mama’s.  Yeah right,  probably be sufficient for more than a few days sojourn at the Crossbar Hotel the way the weather is these days!  Anyways,  I had it all set up with Marcie Girl to fill in for me because things are gettin’ mighty slim pantry-wise on the No Princess Palace but then she had to go in to work today.  Now before one of my “oil field GFs” shows up at the gate offering to go to town for me, let me say I have no intention of starvin’- or even coming close actually.

It is turning out to be a good experiment that I am calling the 100+ plan.  Nothing is left in the chest freezer or fridge to draw on with the exception of bacon (a primary food group).

I have some essentials on hand which you must never run out of……

In no particular order:

  • coffee
  • water
  • flour
  • spices of all kinds inc. horseradish and hot sauce
  • evaporated and condensed milk
  • peanut butter
  • honey
  • jelly
  • canned fruit
  • Ova Easy dried eggs
  • Krusteaz pancake mix
  • rice
  • beans
  • oatmeal
  • tuna
  • chicken (canned)
  • salmon
  • spam
  • butter
  • lard
  • oh, bacon!

Let me be the quick to point out rice and beans get old real damn quick. If’n I was sittin’ in an end of the world type pocky lips bunker staring at a wall of 5 gallon buckets filled with nothing but rice and beans I might have to just eat a bullet.  Of course, YMMV.

The key things on the menu for the next week or so until Marcie Girl can rescue me is gonna be something like this here………

  • Tuna salad on homemade bread
  • Peanut butter ‘n’ jelly (or honey) on homemade bread
  • Chicken salad on homemade bread
  • spam and some of those instant egg powders scrambled up
  • Krusteaz pancakes and bacon.  This Krusteaz stuff is the bomb -just add water.
  • Salmon patties and some beans or misc. canned veggies.

My runnin’ buddy -always the curious dog

A coupla key factors I have discovered with these various long term experiments is odd.   I get to where I crave sweets and something fresh.  The fresh goods are not doable but the canned fruit -like fruit cocktail, peaches or pineapple chunks satisfy the sweet.  I could not do without my bread maker. Bread is life folks and I was never a huge bread eater but now I see how important it is.

Right now I regret not having some instant potatoes laid back along with some jars of different pickles.  Pickles!! you say? Yep, they last for nearly ever in the fridge even after they been opened and they sorta kinda satisfy the craving for something fresh.  They go damn good with a tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich too!  Another thing that makes life easier is some flavoring of some kind to go with the 3 liters or thereabouts of water I try to drink every day.  I am partial to that Raspberry Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte or Crystal Light On The Go Citrus Caffeine. Since I drink the water the guard service provides (heavily filtered), I damn sure don’t have Evian or Perrier flowin’ out my faucets.  These flavorings make it pleasant to drink.  I guess I could do the same thing with Kool-Aid or Gatorade but man oh man that stuff has tons of sugar in it.

Hopefully next week, Marcie Girl will be able to work me into her schedule and I will make a supply run.  Maybe as much as $400 worth of groceries along with a tank of propane and 10 gallons of generator gas would pretty much set me through mid summer anyhow.  If not,  I can go yet another week on the 100+ Plan.  I will keep ya posted, ok?


End Note:  Wanna Rock and Roll by Ray Wylie Hubbard from the Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club.  True Texas Americana Music aficionados know this song.  The rest of ya need to clue up – quick.  Oh, and watch the Young Hubbard get in some licks. This youtubes is a little different from the Cibolo Live version.

“Well son, was it wuth it?”

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