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My Last Nerve

These house batteries are getting on my last nerve. I was not exactly completely up to speed on all the intricacies of large AGM batteries and spent some time this weekend researching the proper care of AGM batteries in an RV application.

One battery compartment on the Old Girl

I have a pair of 250ah 8D AGM batteries which should give me enough juice for 24 hours of fairly heavy use when I am boondocking. I am not talking about running the microwave or A/C or coffee pot off the batteries. Just lights, furnace and a 1000w inverter to power the DISH receiver and TV.

Today, after putting the septic system in, I decided it was time to do a little logical problem solving. I charged both batteries fully to 14.4v. I then unhooked one battery from the pair and isolated it. The only thing it was going to power was the inverter which runs the DISH receiver and TV. The Trimetric 2020 showed I was drawing between 5.5 and 7 amps off the isolated battery with the TV on. If you do the math, at that rate you could fully expect to get at least 24 hours of service off of a fully charged 250ah battery. The battery started off at 13.2v when I first turned the appliances on. I was watching TV when I heard the low voltage alarm start going off on the inverter after a scant 2 hours! The Trimetric showed the isolated battery was at 10.9 volts. Obviously I have at least one bad battery. The batteries are at least 4 years old and have seen some heavy use in the past so maybe old age has caught up with this one battery anyway.

I am going to try and equalize the battery to revive it. If that does not work, I am going to desulphate it. My Husky Smart Charger has a desulphation setting on it but the process takes 24 hours. No way I am going to run the Generac propane  generator 24 hours to do that! I may remove the battery and take it over to my brother’s full hook up site for that process.

It is my hope that the remaining battery of the pair is still in decent shape and I can use it singly until we have power here.  We shall see with some further testing.   I feel like I am trying to drive down the road with two flat tires with this battery mess!

End Note: Dreams I’ll Never See by Molly Hatchet from Essential Molly Hatchet.   Mmmm! Vintage Southern Rock, was there ever anything better?  Just like pulling on a pair of well worn 13MWZs  — feels so good!  Love the bass line on this song.

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