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I have the biggest campfire

I was just reading a thread on Escapees forum and people were bitching about campfires. Oooo, the smoke gets in my eyes or the smell gets on my clothes or its’ too big — whatever! These folks who think the entire campground should run on their own rules always find something to bitch about. You know what I am thinking? Their big old RV or trailer has tires on it. They need to get to putting some rubber down on the road.

Ha! I would like to invite them to my world and then lock ’em inside the gate. Today would have been the absolute perfect day for the Campfire Nazis here at my place.

My prize winning "campfire" just getting started

The picture shows what was going on about 40 feet from my RV.

We are clearing powerline right of way and making space to widen the driveway. This is all green wood, full sized cedar trees and oaks and hickorys. It takes a hot fire to get them to burn. If it looks like the pile of trees is in the middle of the driveway- it pretty much is. We didn’t have another spot to put it. The excavator is used to push the trees down and

Piling and Burning

then you grab it up with the bucket and thumb on the boom and try to place it on the hottest part of the fire. The fire has to be “stirred” to keep it burning hot. You just sorta push everything together when the center burns out and we use the dozer to do that. You just run it right onto the hot coals. Little unnerving if you haven’t done that kind of thing before.

So it was a good day. We got plenty accomplished and it was good to be back in the cab again after the long layoff. I was sitting here late writing this and a cedar limb or something flared up really bright out there on the pile and it scared the pee out of me! Holy cats! that was weird!





End Note: Stealin’ by Brian Burns from Border Radio.  Ok, Stealin’ was one of Uriah Heep’s biggest commercial successes so I am thinking to myself how is Brian Burns of all people going to pull this off???   The answer is  ==  Quite well, Thank You! I am digging it

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