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Hello Harvey - 12 Noon Saturday

Harvey makes landfall at Rockport

Did you know we have yet another Bush holding public office here in Texas?  Yep, George P Bush, Jeb’s oldest boy, is Texas Land Commissioner.  He was just on the Weather Channel talking about all the relief efforts and the supplies that have been pre-positioned. Texas knows how to do this stuff.  We bailed out New Orleans after Katrina if you recall.  Bush said “This is a marathon – not a sprint.”  How right he is!  On Monday night Harvey is supposed to be back  close to where he made landfall Friday night.  How crazy is that?

The last Cat 4 hurricane to hit Texas was Carla in 1961.  Harvey is being compared to Carla, TS Allison and even Hurricane Ike which I got up close and personal with way back there in 2008.  Carla killed 45 people,  Harvey is ZERO (so far).  Hurricane Harvey is nothing like previous storms.  I do believe all the talking heads on the TV would like some more meat to talk about.  Sad fuckers! – I bet they get their wish.  Turn around. Don’t drown!

Harvey in my world

So far here, just north of Fowlerton, TX,  I have less than an inch of rain and winds gusting to maybe 30mph on a Saturday morning.  My septic guy showed up at 0730 to pump out my tank.  I sent him on his way since  I can go another week and 200 gallons of black water is going to anchor that tank to the ground – I hope.  I am in the same boat as about 4 million other Texans. All we can do is hunker down and wait it out. Judging by the lack of traffic out on my normally very busy state highway everybody is just staying home.  Smart folks.  Harvey is moving north at only 2mph and dumping feet of rain in the process.

Since the talking heads deal in blood and destruction; their focus has moved from Harvey making landfall to the impending total destruction of Houston (they imply) from the projected rainfall.  They might be right to some degree.  I certainly hope not because My Sis and my parents are just east of Houston.

I have always been a fan of Texas Governor Greg Abbott- even more now.  Much of the Katrina clusterfuck was created by warring political factions and people died as a result.  Governor Abbott will be putting up with none of that mess!  His calm demeanor and genuine concern for Texans comes through every time he is on camera.  He is firmly in control of the situation and his heroic efforts during this event will be long remembered. e

I appreciate the flood of emails and comments voicing concern for me and a little black dog.  We are well and in control of our world.

More later…………


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2 comments to Hello Harvey – 12 Noon Saturday

  • Mike

    Glad to hear you are doing well. The way the state is proactive about Harvey sounds good.

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  • Mabel Leffler

    Thank you Andy for the update..I can rest a bit eisier now..I know your tough but even tough guys can get blowed around by weather…give baby a tight hug for me…and stay tucked in tight till this thing blowes away…….. signed Lady Trucker

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