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Computer Nerd-O-Rama

Note: This is one of those nostalgic “Back In the Day” posts that sometimes have no point and sometimes just feature me doing some old fart whining….and some times not.

It is like a Woot Off; you never know what is coming up next.

So, Back in the Day,  (How else would a Back in the Day post start?) I kept up with all the latest electronic gadgets and toys.  All of  ’em.  But somewhere along the way, I just got overwhelmed and my brain started to hurt.  I couldn’t tell you the best flat screen to buy or the best cell phone to get these days.   Mainly because I don’t care anymore.    Tell me this, If I call you on my cell phone can you tell if it is the newest iPhone or Blackberry? Of course not, now a days,for me,  it is more about stuff that works without a steep learning curve.

My cell phone is actually an old Motorola Razr that is beat up pretty bad.  I bought it off eBay 3 years ago from some guy in Hong Kong and it has been good.

Motorola Razr

My Motorola Razr

I cracked the screen last year and had a Dammit! moment but fixed it up with a piece of clear packing tape. The same tape was still on it when I cracked it again last week.  I like it so well I bought a spare off the same Hong Kong guy last year  –even the same color :). Pull this baby out at the bar with the hot chicks hanging on you and see how quick they lose interest and wander off.

I replace my laptop about every 18 months. The heat and dust and beating and banging  take their toll.  The last 6 or 7 laptops have been Dells.  I buy them for the same reason I buy Chevys– if they work, why change?  My latest laptop is a XPS M1330 and just so’s you know, I do research the latest models when it is time for a replacement.  The XPS has a solid state hard drive which is supposed to be more rugged and trouble free than the older technology hard drives.  The drawback to the solid state drive is that they are generally smaller in capacity.  I couldn’t tell you why.   This one is only 120 gigs and my old fart brain reasoned that my previous laptop had an 80 gig hard drive so 120 gigs should be plenty.

And it was — until I had to ditch XM radio and get a Zune. It wasn’t long until 50% of my hard drive was filled with downloaded music and crowding out the space I needed for other stuff.  So what to do?  Well, I did what any old fart would do, I called my 22 year old daughter.
Side note:

It isn’t that old farts are against the new technology, it is just our brains are full of stuff like how to rewind cassette tapes, adjust a set of TV rabbit ears and roll down a car window with your hand. So it is crowded up there and all this new stuff has to compete with the old stuff but we DO get by.

My brother and I were somewhere and this guy asked my bro if he did text messages so he could contact him. My brother said “I have teenage kids, what do you think?” Old farts might be down but we are certainly not out.

So I called my daughter and whined that my brain hurt and she said “Dad, you need a LaCie drive?” Well, OK. She said the Air Force uses LaCie external hard drives because they are rugged mofos. So I Googled it and really liked what I found out. These things are tough, small,easy to set up and they power off the USB port. I decided to get a LaCie Rugged All-Terrain 500 GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400/800 Portable External Hard Drive 301371 (click the link to go to Amazon) and it was sitting here in Dallas when I got

LaCie external hard drive

home.  I just plugged it in and we were in business.   In the last 24 hours, I have managed to fill it almost half full with stuff off the XPS, assorted other external drives and data disks.  I had an old Maxtor external drive that was about the size of a concrete block and had more wires and cables than a TIVO, retired that baby!  I had a small WD external hard drive that was handy but was only 20 gigs storage.  Kiss that one good bye!

I would surely recommend this LaCie drive as a great accessory.  I was sitting here all smug and proud of myself for embracing the newest technology with the assistance of a cold Miller Lite.   Then Nightline sorta had to mess it up. They had a story about one of the latest fads for women which is a bull sperm facial and it jerked me back to Old Fart reality.  The latest and greatest may not always be the best.  If I was talking up one of those hot bar chicks and she started to tell me about her wonderful bull sperm facial, I would lose interest and wander off.

End Note: Fame by Billy Joe Shaver off the Billy and the Kid album. Do the back story on Billy Joe Shaver to understand this one and all its’ heart wrenching clarity.   I am still working up to the long End Note on Billy Joe and Eddie….  maybe some day the words will come.

“God bless you Eddie, I love you Brenda.”

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3 comments to Computer Nerd-O-Rama

  • Nice find, Andy. Ever since I had to pay almost 7,000 bucks to recover files on my laptop 5 years ago, I’ve become a backup whore. The backup I HAD was corrupted. I back up everything on two external hard drives and one thumb drive.
    LOL…Bull Sperm Facials?

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  • Andy,

    Long time reader, first time to comment. Bull Sperm Facials,,,,lol,,,priceless. I bet they sell it by the gallon and make a million! Enjoy reading your stuff. Learned sumthin too,,amazing!

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