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A Full Days Pay; Harvey's Gone

Hurricane Harvey shortly after landfall

A few years back I hit a rough spot –Easter Sunday 2013 to be exact.  My RV – the Old Girl – was damaged beyond repair and the Big Ass Suburban was not driveable;  all in less than 5 minutes.  I remember well the feelings of hopelessness, despair and uncertainty.  I remember being overwhelmed and thinking ‘ I will never get through this.’  I did something I never thought I would do and asked for your help.  Without the financial help of all of you,  my recovery would have been much less successful.  The extra $$ gave me options and breathing room but it was not all soft bunnies and unicorns.   Some folks are mean spirited and their venomous comments accused me of being a drunk and taking old folk’s social security money.   Mean folks are going to mean……..  I would not want to find myself in another untenable position where I was forced to put my hand out.  I lost something inside me during that process.

RV Park in the Rockport,TX area

Hurricane Harvey is more than Houston/Beaumont flooding.  There are about 300 road miles along the coast from Corpus to Beaumont and that entire area is wasted, devastated, GONE!

The Monday Morning Mean People are out full force wondering why Houston wasn’t evacuated or why residents in Rockport didn’t leave when they knew a Cat 4 was headed right at ’em.  Some mean folks are even saying Texas got what it deserved.  They don’t realize some folks were just too broke to leave or could not walk away from everything they owned in this world.   I don’t get it and I never will because politics just seems to pervade and corrupt our best efforts……. and all those folks trying to twist it all up into something besides Texans needing our help are just worthless as a white crayon.   On Sunday August 27th, Lester Holt on the NBC Nightly News asked Texas Governor Greg Abbot about the decision not to evacuate Houston and Abbot said (paraphrasing) ‘Now is not the time to talk politics and second guess decisions that have been made.  We have lives on the line.’

Destroyed apartment building in Rockport,TX

So the Senators and various Agency bosses from Washington make a gratuitous appearance in some ravaged neighborhood and then they go back to Washington. They do their best to explain the incredible relief effort from private citizens and State and Federal Agencies from 40 states but they can’t comprehend.  The Bushes have contributed to relief efforts, Sandra Bullock and President Trump each promised $1mil of their own money.  In the next week or so Harvey will not dominate the news as the news cycle turns over but the clean up effort will go on.  People are still gonna need our help for a very long time after the cameras go home. That’s a metric shit ton of fuck to deal with simply because chance was a sumbitch.  I know how lost and disparaged they feel and how hopeless tomorrow looks.

Once upon a time a fella named Bob the Texan mentored me when I first started this gate guard thing and I gained a huge respect for the man.  Somewhere along the way, a needful cause came up that we (collectively) were discussing contributing funds to and Bob the Texan said ‘If you have a cause that is truly worthy, give them your full day’s pay. It will mean more to you – and to them too.’  Those words have stuck with me to this day.

Victoria,TX Harvey aftermath –

There are beaucoup charities cropping up after Hurricane Harvey. Some are just flat out scams and then some of them, only a few cents on the dollar will actually make it to hurricane victims.  Overhead and fat salaries for important leeches you know.  This Labor Day weekend,  Governor Abbot has teamed up with Michael and Susan Dell (yep, those Dells.  Both of whom are Texas Natives) to raise 200 million dollars in one short weekend.  It seems legit to me.

Rebuild Texas

George W supports this veteran’s organization:

Team Rubicon

and BFF Cait brought this NFL guy to my attention:

JJ Watt

I am not saying these organizations are the best to donate your money to but I will say I feel all three of these groups are going to spend your donations wisely and make them go a long way toward helping the folks who need help most.

I sent my day’s pay to Rebuild Texas.  You do what your conscience dictates.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”


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A Full Days Pay; Harvey's Gone, 9.6 out of 10 based on 25 ratings
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6 comments to A Full Days Pay; Harvey’s Gone

  • Mike

    We followed your example Andy. We know how the people are feeling, we were in Hugo. Houston is in a lot worse shape than Charleston was and we all need to help in any way we can.

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  • Larry S. Worsham

    Well said sir……I’ve found that a lot of folks have no idea about the size and scope of this disaster. I used to ignore the gutter snipes but no more. I will call them out when ever they try to force their agenda on me. You at totally correct that the MSM and politics tries to destroy everything that is good.

    Hunker down and help where we can, Larry (a fellow Texan)

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  • Janice L Evans

    I love you. . .and your writings. I guess I started reading your blog way back in the day when we were thinking of gate guarding (got all our license and permits and everything for it.)

    I remember your loss well, and remember thinking. . .I’ve gotten more enjoyment and knowledge from reading his blog than a donation could ever cover. Sometime later, the hubs and I met some folks in Ohio, and the storm, and your situation came up. He was also a blog reader, I guess because they were just getting into the fulltime lifestyle, and he found your way of dealing with things interesting. They had donated also. I only bring it up because it was so odd that it was the first time we had ever met these folks, and yet we had such an unusual thing in common. We have remained friends ever since.

    I simply can’t bring myself to donate to the big names either. It makes me sick to see their big showcase buildings and such, and to know that most of their funding goes to support infrastructure.

    Our home church in Pearland TX was cooking and serving hot meals to the first responders while the rains were still coming down, so that is where I chose to send our donation this time. They have now become a staging area for supplies that are coming in. There is a mobile Veterans Medical Unit set up in their parking, and several other entities are setting up there.

    I wish I could be magically transported from Utah to help them.

    Continue to do good Andy. ..the mean people will get their reward in time. I

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    • Andy

      Thanks for the kind words Janice.

      You know I am not a Trump fanboy but I do appreciate his unabashed embrace of the Church. In times gone by the Church fulfilled many of the roles the GOV now forcefeeds us. Times were better when the Church was the center of every community.

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  • Terry

    Iagree with you once agin you tell it like it is keep up the good work Ilike your style of writing it speakes to us commin folks.

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  • RVNGal

    I donated to an organization called Undies for Everyone that supplies new underwear. I, too, was not about to give to any organization that pays BIG salaries to people that probably never had a job where you sweated every day and were still grateful for the job! I wanted to do something much more direct. I am too old (76)to go down and help rebuild so money is the best I can do. Texas is going to need our help for a long time. TEXAS STRONG!

    4th generation Texan,

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