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An Uzi to get lunch..........

“I will accept the rules that you feel necessary to your freedom. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” – Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

“Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again; poor fools. And their grand-children are once more slaves.” – D. H. Lawrence

“Put the grape drank down, take your Prozac and get some sleep. You are scaring your Mom.”  – Zerohedge comment

wild hog skull

Longish gap in posting because this being retired gig takes a whole lotta my time.  I do some type project most every day related to the Secret Hideout.  We got an ’84 Jeep CJ7 here with a leaky radiator that I think is fixed now.  I worked on the AC in My Bro’s fifth wheel and failed.  There is weedeating and plant watering and a grass runway to mow. I put up a mailbox.  Across the lake there were two dead trees – an oak and an elm and they were large trees.   Yesterday the 3 of us cut those trees up and they are gone. That much physical exertion in 80% humidity was plenty tough on me.   The pieces of the elm were pushed in a brush pile;  the oak will provide smoker wood and campfire wood for months to come.

“My” sounder of wild hogs

I debated writing about the next subject because it has to do with guns – more specifically about my reticence later.   We have some fairly immediate plans to add chickens and bees to the Hideout mix.  Problem is I have a metric shit ton of predators and pests here and  I have no  intention of providing chicken snackies for coyotes and bobcats.  I also got a marauding sounder of about 30 wild hogs whose mainest job is to raise un-shirted hell.  So a big part of my day is spent maintaining a corn feeder, hog trap and various snares.   There is also mucho wood cruisin’ peepin’ and lookin’ and learnin’.   We were easin’ along a deep, dark draw a few weeks back and Vela Von scented up on somethin’  out of the ordinary.  There, in the soft wet sand,  was a clearly defined and very large boot print.  I knew right off it did not belong to me or mine. Crap like that gives me chicken skin.

My beater truck gun

I got a healthy respect for hogs and the danger a 250lb sow with babies or a pissed boar represent to me and a little black dog.  So I go armed – always.  Usually a Glock 21 on the hip and a S&W M4 with Aimpoint Comp red dot when we are out walking.  I would be foolish to do any less;  maybe my concern is because my brain was imprinted at an early age watching the Wild Hog Scene from Old Yeller.  I know now that was Mason County, Texas.

All this effort has netted me nada so far but I am learning.  I can easily buy any number of supplies or equipment right now because all manner of things are readily available and UPS will bring the goods right to my door.  What my generation -and the subsequent ones- have lost is knowledge and the skills from back in the day.  I am workin’ every day to rectify that.


“Safety is nice, but it’s not first. Life is first and life is not safe.” – Col. Jeff Cooper

“I have more guns than I need, but not as many as I want.” – Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm

“Political Correctness is Tyranny .. with manners.” – Charlton Heston

Why would a hunter need an Uzi to get lunch?”  – inane and stupid comment on Fox News today.


Good size coyote

My concern about posting anything gun related is, of course, due to the senseless massacre at Sutherland Springs, TX on Sunday.  The bodies of the innocent victims were hardly removed from the church before the tweets started calling for more gun control.

So answer me this…………  The details about the shooter are beginning to emerge and I am not going to regurgitate the facts as we know them.  The system failed when a guy who could not legally purchase or own a firearm did so; more than once and over a period of years and in different states.  And with this system so obviously broken our elected official’s response is we need more laws to further strip away our inalienable rights.  Does that make sense?  The fact slappin’ me in the face is the certainty that if a criminal wants a gun;  they are gonna get one.  Hell, the shooter had the same security license I have.  Ostensibly, these licenses are only granted after a thorough background check.

“Mental health is the issue in the Texas Church shooting, not guns. “ -Donald Trump

You know I have some strong feelings about Freedom and our Rights as Americans.  The ownership of firearms is central to that.  So much so that I think the Second Amendment to the Constitution  is  not a permission to own firearms  – it is an affirmation that it is my right and it is inalienable.  Make sure you get the distinction.

Permission from the GOV. to purchase a firearm, get a drivers license, a plumbers license or any kind of permit requires a fee paid to the GOV.  The story we were so gullibly sold was that these fees support regulatory agencies that keep us “safe.”  The system failed all those Good Baptists yesterday morning.  All these permitting fees and licensing are nothing more than unfair and unlawful taxation.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


One last thing……….  The small amount of commission I make from Amazon went up last month and I do thank you.  When  I was working the oil patch,  the Amazon money was a pittance beside my monthly earnings.  Now,  even though it is still a very small income, an extra $20 (or more) each month when my monthly income is now ridiculously small is a godsend.  Thank you all so much for stepping it up.

End Note:  Freedom  by Cross  Canadian Ragweed from the untitled Purple album.

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4 comments to An Uzi to get lunch……….

  • Linda

    Very well said

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  • Leo

    Bees… not so much, but chickens? That means you’re planning on staying put for a while. I ‘member those critters well. 2x daily care, make sure they’re inside the coop and secured for the night least the owls, foxes, coyotes & weasels get ’em. Before I got the coop really secure I recall hearing the squawks & commotion and going out with the 12ga in the middle of the night to blast the damned 4-legged thief! Luck to ya!

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  • Libby

    Just stopped by to say, “Hey.” I saw where you were having problems with varmints. It’s good to keep the weapons handy. The sausage looks good.

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