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I have been thinking on this for awhile….


I saw a message thread on one of the RV forums about oil field gate guards that eventually reached over 175 entries. Sure, some of it was noobs wanting gate guard info but plenty of it was gate guards just visiting…

You get a gate yet?

Y’all still at the yard?

Stuff like that and I thought it was a shame all of us had to do something like that to stay in touch. I have hosted online forums in the past and it a general pain in the ass -trust me, some people forget all about manners and such when they participate in an online venue.

At any rate, I thought it was worth a go to incorporate an online forum into the blog here- with an initial focus on RVs and Gate Guarding; just like the blog.

This is the clickable forum link.

Check it out and do me a favor do all of us a favor – promote it on your blog or email or message posting in other venues, please. You can cut and paste this link:

The forums are going to be commercial free– I am not going to post any ads on them and some folks will like that.

Like most things in life, an opportunity is what you make of it. The new forum will be what the users make of it; plain and simple.

P.S. The new forum is not just about gate guards… everyone is welcome!

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