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Bareassed on the Border


Christ, where did 2013 come from? I feel like I am already behind.

Honest, I didn’t plan on this to work out this way but that 80% thing just keeps comin’ around and round…. Exactly 2 years ago today I wrote this post—- When did 80% become good enough? Now I feel like some scary Nostradamus or something.

Maybe I am just naive in my expectations. I get disappointed in that respect almost daily.

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The 80% Rule - Bitin' Me in the Butt

I have a proprietary maxim called the 80% Rule. It peeves me no end. Seems to me we (collectively) have learned to accept less than stellar products and services as the norm. I sent this to a guy that sold me a Colts pistol last year that fell far short of his promises.

Folks, tell me something. When did we turn into a nation where an 80% effort is good enough? When did an 80%

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