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Bad Men Least Expected

Local hangout. La Kiva Bar – Terlingua,Tx

Miss Kathy and I do our best to stay up to speed with the local news. Nothing gives you a better idea of what is going on in the local area. We still joke about the truly bad weatherman we saw on late night San Angelo TV. He would have been much more comfortable on a John Deere plowing a field of redtop cane than he

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With too much time on my hands because traffic has slowed at our oil field gate guarding location, my mind has time to wander.

I try and catch the local news daily, both here in Dallas and in the Terlingua area. I think you need to know what is going on in the local community. Some dichotomous aspects of the two communities hit me yesterday and I was still thinking about it this morning when

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Being Out of Touch - Big Bend, TX

Miles and Miles of Texas

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

I don’t spend the majority of my time in populated areas. Just hasn’t worked out that way which suits me just fine. When I got the Suburban a few years ago, one of the things I wanted to do was improve cell phone coverage in remote areas. Not so much because I love to yap on the

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The Longhorn Ranch - Terlingua, TX

The Longhorn Ranch Motel – North of Terlingua,TX

Yup, the Longhorn Ranch Motel, Restaurant and RV Park; that is where we landed for my projected 2 night stay. I was not surprised to find out it is not part of a ranch nor does it have Longhorn cattle present. The rest of it really belongs under the category of ‘That’s Terlingua for ya’. The motel is 52 miles south of Alpine and 28

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