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Readers Write - Tell Me About Gate Guarding in Texas

Reader L asks me:

Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Location

Hi Andy & Kathy, Enjoyed reading your blog… My husband Tom & I are a little older than ya’ll, 66/63 and have enjoyed fulltiming since 1999. We have also decided to keep our home and rent it along with other properties to have a second income. That being said, we still like to work a little and play a little and had seen an

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Adios AT&T Broadband Wireless

Regular readers will know I have been having some problems with AT&T Broadband Wireless. Actually, more than some problems. They have managed to absolutely alienate a true customer and supporter. My account with AT&T goes back to 2005. That is a damned long time to stay true to one wireless carrier. I have recommended them and stood behind them every inch of the way until the Fall of 2010.

At that point, they chose to

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AT&T Wireless left me high and dry.....

I am posting this from a wifi hotspot at Home Depot in McKinney,TX. AT&T Wireless finally made good on their promise to screw me over on my AT&T Unlimited Data Connect plan. My aircard has been data locked since I went over 5gb. Having to drive 10 miles to find a wifi hotspot sucks. More details later.

When is an Unlimited AT&T Aircard not Unlimited?? We may never know.

Fulltime living in an RV is all about limits most of the time. Unless you are parked at Big Time Nirvana RV Park, there are limitations. Either the water is limited and you have to worry if there is enough water to get the soap off when you take a shower or the waste tanks are filling and you don’t have a septic outlet — will the next visit to the WC see the black

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