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Terlingua - Laying the Groundwork

When I first started this blog,  it was all about the Old Girl.  Since those days, the blog has grown to encompass more of the total picture of what is going on in my life.

Every time we move, we set up a new basecamp for the Old Girl and whoever else wants to be included.  Sometimes, I just push out a raw hole in the woods for the Old Girl and sometimes it is a bit more elaborate.   I have lost count of all the different places we have fixed up for RV parking.   Many readers have voiced interest in

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I’m still here

Been getting several emails in this vein – “Andy, I just started following your blog several months ago and enjoy your style of writing. Are you still blogging? Your last post was May 26th.”

Guilty as charged! When the weather gets dry — there is dirt to be pushed, 40,000 cubic yards of it here just to build the dam for the 6 acre

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