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Dancin' the Dance

When I got to the new jobsite on Tuesday I was whipped. By the time I bulldozed out the RV parking spot and got everything situated and hooked up outside my old Wrangler butt was draggin’ the ground. I was really looking forward to some satellite TV, a cold beer and a hot meal. According to previous experience, I ran the Generac generator 2 hours to top off the batteries.  I watched TV a bit longer than that.

Just so you understand where this is going, some background is in order.   I have not done any extreme

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Conserving Water while Boondocking in your RV

Water conservation tips and tricks to utilize when boondocking on a long term basis in your recreational

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Extreme boondocking in a famous place…..

Have you seen the ads all over TV for Visit Las Vegas where they flew the entire town of Cranfills Gap, TX to Vegas? In the fall of 2007, we did not know we were doing a job in a soon to be famous place. The job in itself was unusual. The landowner was a Texas native;  a doctor who had moved to Anchorage,AK right after graduation to practice. He told us he could make more money per year in Alaska than any place else and retire earlier. We were going to build him a nice

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